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opinion, which 95% of the guys that approach her don't do. Then, I shift my
attention TOTALLY away from her and onto her group, usually another girl who
isn't as hot but seems to have some position of power within the group
(alphaness, dominance). Now the HB target is both impressed and
confused...leading to an inexplicable feeling of attraction in many cases.

I have to be careful in timing this. I've got to shift focus from the target to
the cockblocks within 60-90 seconds and then BACK to the target within another
5 minutes to proceed with the usual sarge structure. Generally I don't have to
use negs because my approaching her directly and then ignoring her as if I were
using her as a stepping stone to gain entry into her group is neg enough. It's
hard to articulate why this works for me consistently but I believe that is the
gist of it. I give off a vibe of confident indifference while still conveying
personality and value.

>Instead, he suggests simply
>walking up to the target, and
>approaching her directly.
>If you are GOOD, and can run
>an intriguing conversation,
>she will be interested, and
>her friends will see this.
>They will not cockblock.

This is true. However, I've had too many good direct approaches get stonewalled
at isolation to NOT try to disarm the cockblocks...UNLESS the cockblock(s) are
actively in a "hookup" and likely to isolate themselves.

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