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Basic Engineering Correlation (Algebra Reviewer)

1. Three transformers are directly proportional to the KVA cost P30,000. The cost of each transformer is directly proportional to the KVA rating
and each has a constant of proportionally of 0.9, 0.8 and 0.6, respectively. Find the cost of the KVA transformer.
a. P7,500
b. P13,500
c. P15,500
d. P9,000

2. What is the sum of the following sequence of terms 18, 25, 32, 39, . . . ,67?
a. 280
b. 380
c. 320
d. 340

3. A train, an hour after starting, meets with an accident which detains it an hour, after which it proceeds at 3/5 of its former rate and arrives
three hour after the time; but had the accident happened 50 miles farther on yhe line, it would have arrived one and one-half hour sooner. Find
the length of the journey.
a. 850/9 miles
b. 800/9 miles
c. 920/9 miles
d. 910/9 miles

4. Ten less than four times a certain number is 14. Determine the number.
a. 5
b. 7
c. 4
d. 6

5. The roots of a quadratic equation are 1/3 and 1/4. What is the equation?
a. 12x2 + 7x + 1=0
b. 12x2 - 7x - 1=0
c. 12x2 - 7x + 1=0
d. 12x2 + 7x - 1=0

6. The geometric mean of 4 and 64:
a. 30
b. 34
c. 24
d. 16

7. A certain company manufactures two products, X and Y, and each of these products must be processed on two different machines. Product X
requires 1 minute of work time per unit on machine 1 and 4 minutes of work time on machine 2. Product Y requires two minutes of work time
per unit on machine 1 and 3 minutes of work time per unit on machine 2. Each day, 100 minutes are available on machine 1 and 200 minutes
are available on machine 2. To satisfy certain customers, the company must produce at least 6 units per day of product X and at least 12 units
of product Y. If the profit of each unit of product X is P50 and the profit of each unit of product Y is P60, how many of each product should be
produced in order to maximize the company's profit?
a. X = 20 units, Y = 40 units
b. X = 30 units, Y = 40 units
c. X = 20 units, Y = 50 units
d. X = 40 units, Y = 60 units

8. If 4y3 + 18y2 + 8y - 4 is divided by 2y + 3, the remainder is:
a. 10
b. 12
c. 11
d. 9

9. The square of a number increased by 16 is the same as 10 times the number. Find the number.
a. 8, 2
b. 6, 2
c. 4, 2
d. 2, 2

10. The seating section in a coliseum has 30 seats in the first row, 32 in the second row, 34 seats in the third row and so on, until the tenth row
is reached, after which there are ten rows each containing 50 seats. Find the total number of seats in the section.

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a. 1290
b. 1080
c. 890
d. 980

11. If the roots of an equation is zero, then they are classified as
a. hypergolic solutions
b. trivial solutions
c. conditional solutions
d. extraneous solutions

12. An airplane went 360 miles in 2 hours with the wind and, flying back the same route, it took 3 3/5 hours against the wind. What was its
speed in still air?
a. 120 mph
b. 150 mph
c. 140 mph
d. 130 mph

13. Find the fourth proportion to 3, 5 and 21.
a. 27
b. 65
c. 56
d. 35

14. Two jet planes travelling towards each other take off at the same time from two airports located 3000 miles apart. If they passed each other
after two hours, determine the speed of each plane if one plane is flying at a speed 100 mph faster than the other.
a. 700 and 800 mph
b. 600 and 700 mph
c. 700 and 900 mph
d. 800 and 500 mph

15. Round off 0.003086 to three significant figures.
a. 0.0031
b. 0.00308
c. 0.003
d. 0.00309

16. It is sequence of numbers that successive terms differ by a constant.
a. geometric progression
b. arithmetic progression
c. harmonic progression
d. finite progression

17. At 2:00 pm, an airplane takes off at 340 mph on an aircraft carrier. The aircraft carrier moves due south at 25 kph in the same direction as
the plane. At 4:05 pm, the communication between the plane and aircraft carrier was lost. Determine the communication range in miles
between the plane and the carrier.
a. 785 miles
b. 557 miles
c. 412 miles
d. 656 miles

18. A manufacturing firm maintains one product assembly line to produce signal generators. Weekly demand for the generators is 25 units. The
line operates for 7 hours per day, 5 days per week. What is the maximum production time per unit in hours required for the line to meet the
a. 3 hours
b. 1 hour
c. 2.25 hours
d. 0.75 hour

19. Ana is 5 years older than Beth. In5 years, the product of their age is 1.5 times the product of their product ages. How old is Beth now?
a. 20
b. 25
c. 18
d. 27

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70. The electrical resistance offered by an electric wire varies directly as the length and inversely as the square of the diameter of the wire.
Compare the electrical resistance offered by two pieces of wire of the same material, one being 100 m long and 8 mm in diameter, and the
other 50 m long and 3 mm in diameter.
a. R1 = 0.28 R2
b. R1 = 0.84 R2
c. R1 = 0.57 R2
d. R1 = 0.95 R2

71. A stack of bricks has 61 bricks in the bottom layer, 58 bricks in the second layer, 55 bricks in the third layer, and so on until there are 10
bricks in the last layer. How many bricks are there all together?
a. 458
b. 639
c. 724
d. 538

72. A 100 g of water are mixed with 150 g of alcohol (p = 790 kg/cu.m.). What is the specific volume of the resulting mixtures? Assuming that
the two fluids mix completely.
a. 0.63 cu cm/g
b. 0.88 cu. cm/g
c. 0.82 cu cm/g
d. 1.20 cu cm/g

73. One number is 5 less than another. If the sum is 135, what are the numbers?
a. 65, 70
b. 60, 65
c. 75, 80
d. 70, 75

74. The denominator of a certain fraction is three more than twice the numerator. If 7 is added to both terms of the fraction, the resulting
fraction is 3/5. Find the original fraction.
a. 8/5
b. 13/5
c. 5/13
d. 3/5

75. An inexperienced statistical clerk submitted the following statistics to his manager on the average rate of production of transistorized radios
in an assenbly line: "1.5 workers produced 3 radios in 2 hour." How many workers are employed in the assembly line working 40 hours per
week if weekly production is 480 radios?
a. 12
b. 10
c. 13
d. 14

76. Find the mean proportion of 4 and 36.
a. 12
b. 8
c. 16
d. 9

77. An automobile is travelling at a velocity of 10 mph. If the automobile mileage meter already reads 20 miles, find the mileage meter reading
after 3 hours.
a. 60 miles
b. 30 miles
c. 50 miles
d. 40 miles

78. Find the sum of 1, -1/5, 1/25, . . .
a. 6/7
b. 7/8
c. 5/6
d. 8/9

79. A man is 41 years old and his son is 9. In how many years will the father be three times as old as his son?
a. 7
b. 8
c. 6

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135. A boat man rows to a place 4.8 miles with the stream and black in 14 hours, but that he can row 14 miles with the stream in the same time
as 3 miles against the stream. Find the rate of the stream.
a. 1 mile per hour
b. 0.6 mile per hour
c. 0.8 mile per hour
d. 1.5 mile per hour

136. Gravity causes a body to fall 16.1 ft in the first second, 48.3 ft in the 2nd second, 80.5 ft in the 3rd second. How far did the body fall during
the 10th second.
a. 250.1 ft
b. 305.9 ft
c. 529.45 ft
d. 417.3 ft

137. Solve for x : 10x2 + 10 x2 + 1 = 0.
a. -0.331, 0.788
b. -0.311, -0.887
c. -0.113, -0.788
d. -0.113, -0.887

138. An airplane travels from points A and B with a distance of 1500 km and a wind along its flight line. If it takes the airplane 2 hours from A
and B with the tailwind and 2.5 hours from B to A with the headwind, What is the velocity?
a. 700 kph
b. 675 kph
c. 750 kph
d. 450 kph

139. A jogger starts a course at a steady rate of 8 kph. Five minutes later, a second jogger starts the same course at 10 kph. How long will it take
the second jogger to catch the first?
a. 22 min
b. 18 min
c. 21 min
d. 20 min

140. A rubber ball is made to fall from a height of 50 ft. and is observed to rebound 2/3 of the distance it falls. How far will the ball travel before
coming to rest if the ball continues to fall in this manner?
a. 300
b. 200
c. 350
d. 250

141. The resistance of the wire varies directly with its length and inversely with its area. If a certain piece of wire 10 m long and 0.10 cm in
diameter has a resistance of 100 ohms, what will its resistance be if it is uniformly stretched so that its length becomes 12 m?
a. 144
b. 80
c. 120
d. 90

142. Ten liters of 25% salt solution and 25 liters of 35% salt solution are poured into a drum originally containing 30 liters of 10% salt solution.
What is the percent concentration of salt in the mixture?
a. 0.1955
b. 0.2572
c. 0.2215
d. 0.2705

143. A & B can do the job in 42 days, B & C for the same job in 31 days, C & A also for the same job in 20 days. If A & C work together, how
many days can they do the same job?
a. 19
b. 17
c. 21
d. 15

144. A pipe can fill a tank in 14 hours. A second pipe can fill the tank in 16 hours. If both pipes are left open, determine the time required to fill
the tank?
a. 7.92 hr
b. 8.47 hr

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