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Title09 - Motor Acceleration
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                            Motor Acceleration
Why to Do MS Studies?
Motor Types
Typical Rotor Construction
Wound Rotor
Operation of Induction Motor
Slip Frequency
Motor Torque Curves
Acceleration Torque
Operating Range
Rated Conditions
Starting Conditions
Voltage Variation
Frequency Variation
Number of Poles Variation
Rotor Z Variation
Modeling of Elements
Motor Modeling
Locked-Rotor Impedance
Circuit Model I
Circuit Model II
Circuit Model III
Circuit Model IV
Characteristic Model
Calculation Methods I
Calculation Methods II
Static versus Dynamic
MS Simulation Features
Automatic Alert
Starting Devices Types
Starting Device
Starting Device – AutoXFMR
Starting Device – Stator R
Starting Device Stator X
Transformer LTC Modeling
MOV Modeling I
MOV Modeling II
MOV Closing
MOV Opening
MOV Voltage Limit
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Motor Acceleration

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