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Jyotis~arnava Navanitam
(As Taught by Lord Siva to Parvati)

Sanskrit Transliteration and
English Translation with
detailed commentary by
R. Santbanam

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dasa, and the lord of the 5th dasa be in debility or in inimical
signs, or be in association with malefic planets, they will give
death in their dasas. ·

~ "'estfl;fl "<l(i~i~~!il~: I
~ ~ ~ ~: !iR"~oRilljj "q ~: II ~B~ II
249. War: The lords of the ascendant and the 8th

house being weak and in the company of Mars or the 6th lord will
kill the subject in-a war or through weapons.

~. 4f&i11~~f41<1GiPldJ ~'H~ffiq"'<a I
df:t~~CtcfSII ~- !i~Slo1~quj ~~I{ II ~~o II

250. Weapons & Thieve$ as Cause ofDeath:Should the
lords of the 8th and ascendant be in an inimical ·sign in the
company ofRahu/Ketu or Satutri, their sub periods or dasas (i.e.
sub and main periods of ascendant lord or 8th lord) will b a source
of death through weapons and thieves.

Notes: Suppose Mars, the 8th lord for a Virgo Lagna
horoscope is "in Gemini, a sign ruled by enemy, along with a node
or Saturn. Then the dasa of Mars will bring forth death of the
native or equivalent troubles.

Or say in a Virgo ascendant horoscope, Mercury as the
ascendant lord is 'in .Scorpio, an inimical sign, with Saturn or
node. Then the dasa_ of Mercury will cause the same effect.

~ ctitH"''Iq1"f>1 dfqlr'iR1 df4ct&Pd ~: ·,
lj"f>~f-q1lil1jd"''~ ~ 'Cfl f<.wl~ I
~'511<?4ie~JI -::q ~ ~ ~ ~ ll.~'i.'l u
251. Vehi~le, Poison & Hanging as Source of Death:
(a) The person will die on account of vehicles if the lords of

the 8th and the ascendant are in the company of the 4th lord.
(b) One will die by consumption of poison if the lords of the

2nd and the ascendant are in conjunction with Saturn in an evil
bouse, viz. the 6th, 8th or 12th house.

(c) He will die by banging himself ifRahu or Ketu is in the

Jyotisharnava Navanitam 104 Chapter2

Page 112

6th, 8th or 12th in the company of the lords of the 2nd and the

Notes: Since the 2nd house iS the house of chosen death (or
suicide), the text involves the 2nd in regard to consumption and
hanging vide rules ''b" and "c" above:

~: lnai<d'a~ •
i1~rij(Ui~<:<U~!B<f ~ilf*4>1fcl<::i: II ·~~~ ll
252. Dasas giving Death: The dasas of the lords of the

2nd, 7th and 11th when in rule can also kill a person.
Notes: So far, no known text, has noted the 11th lord to be

a· killer. The·11th lord's dasa as Maraka dasa is an exclusive
concept of the present text. Although the 11th house is known as
the ho~ of gains, its power to kill is an eiligma, but the dasa is
generally found to be a troublesome one. Brihat Parasara Hora
also attributes evils to the 11th house.

And the present concept is a worthy clue.
Also see the following verse where the 11th lord is specially

referred to as a killer for a dual sign ascending.

~ ma; idlW<U~lii~<l(l~~l
<:.~i:i(~li~ ~ ~ I
~ ~ ~~~~'J.RI:~
~ ;mvli ~~~~~ II
253. Immovable & Dual Ascendants: (a) In case of an

immovable sign ascending (viz. one of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and
Aquarius), the dasas·ofthe lords of the 3rd, 8th, ascendant and
the 9th will be a source of death.

(b) Whereas one born in a dual sign (viz. one of Geinini,
Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces) will fall to his death in the dasas
ruled by the owners ofthe 11th and the 7th houses.

61~'11Md~1d ae:~n<ti ~ 1
~ ·~ ~1'10<t<tuq'1<:<t f<il'i18:~11<11 ~".,'1"l. II ~~g II
254. Dasas ofRahu & Saturn: (a) The dasa ofRahu who

Jyotisharnava N,.vanitant 105 Chapter2

Page 222

Notes: A careful study of the rulership of Jupiter as above
will reveal that this Yoga applies only to an immovable ascendant.

For an immo.vable ascendant, even one of the 3 planets, viz.
the lords ofthe 2nd, 9th and 11th in an angle from the Moon C!lll
cause this yoga. That excludes the conditional participation of
Jupiter. The Yoga is formed as under:

In case of Taurus ascendant, one of Mercury, Saturn and
Jupiter, can be in an angle from the Moon. In case of Leo
ascendant, one of Mercury and Mars can be angular to the Moon.·
In case of Scorpio ascendant, one of Jupiter, the Moon and
Mercury can be angular to the Moon. In case of Aquarius, either
Jupiter or Venus can be angular to the Moon. It will be seen that
except for Leo, in the other three cases, Jupiter can be a participllllt
of this Yoga.

Deva Keralam, p. 76, Book II, does not refer to the 9th lord
but to the lOth lord.

"'"jif.1'(1esl<j>Ui'l<t>il&<tj) ~ I
~~~f"Hqfdf4t;:11_ ~II ~'1 .11

31. Saturn in the ascendant which is one of Sagittarius,
Pisces, Libra, Aquarius and Capricorn will produce a brave king
who will be learned and be the head of towns and villages.

~ ~ ds::I~HJe.i\fq d$i"flq: I
e"CCrs;>("JilltiR:: il;rs::qdt miff "'~Jfq<t>"<<st>Cidt II ~~ II

32. Neecha Bhanga Raja Yoga: The dispositor of a
debilitated planet or the planet that will exalt in the sign occupied
by the said debilitated planet" occupying an angle with reference
to the Moon will cause birth of an emperor who will be religiously

~~ilat"'mtRiaJ~~P-FS:~r: 1
~~:II~~ II

~: Wj6'1~~1181et~qCII1. I

Jyotisharnava Navanitam 215 ChapterS

Page 223

~<tPI'ifct~Wti~~lfillaf44\<fe"itlf ~II ~~ II
33. 34. Bliaskara Yoga: Mercury in the 2nd from the Sun,

the Moon in the 11th from the said Mercury, and Jupiter in the
5th or 9th from the said Moon will cause Bhaskara Yoga. One
belonging to this Yoga will be valorous, equal to a king, be an
expert in the meanings ofSastras, and be charming in appearance.
He will achieve expertise in music and Agama (traditional
doctrines), poetry and mathematics. He will be skilful and

'<t~tJ~#t>'i~l: <j>dllS<tf.l~di&~a~lf.\HJ_4stifd I
a~<4'1'6~dlri1({4~fl ~ 4<1:hft;;q: II ~l( II
\!o4k'!~<t"WfCR"~<"'ii"l<tl{ ~: I
ctrn1lfct'itfct_R!"'~j_"ful~ '€45idjqlf.!cta: II ~~ II
35 · 36. lndu Yoga: Mars in thy 3rd from the Moon, Saturn

in the 12th from the said Mars, Venus in the 7th from the said
Saturn, and Jupiter in the 7th from the said Venus will cause
Indu Yoga. One born in this Yoga will be famous, virtuous, kingly
or equal to a king, eloquent in speech, endowed with wealth,
ornaments and valour.

~st>t::<t>lut~idl':Ji!if~<:'1<l: ~§l~~~~~a•il: 1
~ fe;:4q;{l ~ 'l<t><:am: 11 ~\.9 11
<ti~4lCiil'jqq) fct~li<"'i~({44fl'i<"'il'!'kl"'01€1fct1_ I
~ Sf>4~il'!"''d{l (i511Sef<tl 'd«:f1l: II ~.:: II
37 • 38. Marut Yoga: Jupiter in a trine from Venus, the

Moon in the 5th from~the said Jupiter, and the Sun in an angle
from the said Moon will cause Marut Yoga. The native concerned
will be eloquent in speech, large-hearted, heavy-bodied and
learned in "Sastras. He will be wealthy, skilful in trading
activities, be a king or equal to a king.

End of chapter 5 in Jyotish.arnava Navanitam
Finis ··

Jyotisharnava Navanitam 216 Chapter5

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