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Global training capabilities
Lifting your potential

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As the technology built into cranes continues to advance,

it’s important to learn new skills that can increase your

profi ciency and decrease downtime. Whether you’re at

an introductory, intermediate, or advanced level, we off er

training to support your needs.

Your innovative training leader

Our commitment to you
Our goal is to provide you with a competitive advantage by
increasing your knowledge and skills. To accomplish this, we
are dedicated to continuously improving and expanding the
training we off er. Th e training off ered through Manitowoc
Crane Care is part of the total value package you experience
as a Manitowoc customer.

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Location: Niella — Italy
The Niella facility offers efficient training classrooms and a
hands-on training lab with more Potain crane simulators,
enabling students to use hands-on troubleshooting skills,
to become more familiar with hydraulic, electric and crane
erection/dismantling. In the test field there are two tower
cranes dedicated for training purposes covering crane
operation, maintenance and technical content such as the
interference limiter (Top Tracing II). For specific trainings on
Grove RT 530/540 and GMK 2 and 3 axles, we usually use
cranes borrowed from the factory based by the training field.

Available lab workstations
• Potain MCT50 provided with the Top Tracing II system
• Potain Igo18
• Potain HD21 simulator
• Potain RCS hoist winch simulator
• Potain MDT178 simulator
• Potain HD16C simulator
• Potain 33LVF Leroy hoist winch simulator + Hetronic PRS10 radio remote control unit
• Potain GMA hydraulic simulator (tower and jib cylinders and hydraulic pump)
• Potain RCV 3 and 5 speed simulator
• By request, it’s possible to use Grove RT 530/540 and GMK 2 and 3 axles for specific trainings,

borrowed from the production line
• By request, it’s possible to use Potain GMA cranes (all Igo range) for specific trainings (technical,

maintenance, erection), borrowed from the production line
• Possibility to use a satellite training room and a test field with the collaboration of our official

distributor in the south of Italy, in particular for tower crane erection trainings and mobile and tower
crane driver trainings

Curriculum levels
• GMK — Introductory
• RT — Intermediate
• Potain Tower — Advanced

Contact information
View up-to-date regional contact information at

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Location: Passo Fundo — Brazil
The Passo Fundo facility offers a classroom for intermediate-level training in RT and National Crane models.
São Paulo office offers a classroom to conduct basic training in GMK and Manitowoc CAN-Bus and EPIC

Curriculum levels
• GMK — Basic
• RT/TMS — Intermediate
• National Crane — Intermediate
• Manitowoc CAN-Bus — Basic
• Manitowoc EPIC — Basic

Contact information
View up-to-date regional contact information at

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Manitowoc Crane Care E-Training
Manitowoc Crane Care E-Training provides participants with a cost-effective way of
building fundamental hydraulic and electrical knowledge. While not intended to replace
the “hands on” training held at our Manitowoc and Shady Grove facilities, E-Training
courses provide flexible schedules, eliminate travel time and are a great way to prepare
for on-site training or refresh current skills.

Learn more at

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• Training for all skill levels

• Training for all Manitowoc products

• Custom programs to fit your needs

• Extensive technical training

• Cost-effective e-training courses

• Systems-based approach

• Professional instructors

Experience the advantage for yourself

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