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The material covered in this document is based off information obtained fromThe material covered in this document is based off information obtained from

the original manufacturers’ Pilot and the original manufacturers’ Pilot and Maintenance manuals. Maintenance manuals. It is to be It is to be usedused

for simulation for simulation purposes only.purposes only.

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The position lights are used by other aircraft to determine

the orientation and direction of your aircraft based on the

colour of the light visible.

There are four position lights on the aircraft.

● A red light on the left wingtip

● A green light on the right wingtip

● A white light on the trailing edge of each wingtip

Because each light is only visible from a certain angle,

another pilot can determine the orientation and direction

of your aircraft with respect to his, by interpretation of the

colour of light visible to him.

The position light switch is located on the rst ofcer ’s side

of the forward overhead panel and has control over seven

lights on the aircraft. It is a three position switch - OFF ,


The STEADY position illuminates red and g reen position

lights on the left and right wing tips respectively, and the

white position lights on each wingtip.

Position and Strobe Lights





Figure 1-5. Visible Angles of Position Lights

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Figure 1-6. Strobe Lights 

Position and Strobe Lights (Cont.)
With the switch in the STROBE & STEADY  position the

position lights remain illuminated but are now joined by the

strobe lights.

The strobe lights are used to increase the visibility of the

aircraft to others, and are extremely effective at night.

There is a white strobe light on each wing tip, and a white

strobe light on the tail cone just above the APU eductor

inlet. With the switch set OFF , neither the position nor the

strobe lights will operate.

In summary - with the POSITION  switch in the STEADY 

position, only the red, green and white position lights

are illuminated. With the switch in the STROBE & STEADY 

position, the strobe lights will ash in addition to the

position lights.

This single switch therefore has control over seven

individual lights on the aircraft – with the switch i n the OFF 

position, none of these lights will be illuminated.

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The standby magnetic compass, located at the top of

the center post above the glareshield, has i ts own lighting


It’s a three position switch, DIM , OFF , and Bright .

Brightness controls are available for the 6 display units on

the ight deck.

The captain has control over his outboard and inboard

display units, as well as the upper and lower display units.

The inboard and lower DU controls have dual functionality.

The outer knobs control the DU brightness, while the inner

knobs control the brightness of the weather radar and

terrain displays.

Both the inboard and lower DU brightness controls have

dual functionality as the Navigation Display can be

displayed on either of these two display units depending

on how the display select panel is congured.

The rst ofcer also has DU brightness controls, but only for

his own outboard and inboard DUs.

There are brightness controls for a few other displays

around the ight deck, such as the IRS Display Unit and the

two Control Display Units. These will be discussed in their

associated lessons.

St’by Magnetic Compass LightingDisplay Unit Brightness Controls

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The no-smoking and seatbelt sign switches are located in

the middle of the forward overhead panel.

In our case, the NO SMOKING  switch is just used as a

means of ‘chiming’ the cabin.

The fasten seatbelt switch has three positions, OFF , AUTO 

and ON .

In the AUTO  position the signs will be illuminated whenever

the gear or aps are extended, and extinguished whenever

the gear and aps are retracted.

The ON  and OFF  positions are self explanatory, but we do

not recommend AUTO  as the signs will tend to switch off

sooner than is preferable, and this could cause injury.

The master lights test and dim switch is located on the

center panel and is used to control the brightness of

annunciator lights in the cockpit.

It has three positions:

● Test

● Bright

● Dim

When the switch is held to the TEST  position, it illuminates

the vast majority of the annunciator lights on the ight deck.

Each MCP display self-tests, both clocks display test

patterns, and the radio and transponder LCDs on the aft

electronics panel self-test.

The re warning system is not tested by this switch – rather

by a separate switch on the Overheat/Fire Protection

Panel. More on that in the Fire Protection lesson.

The TEST  position also results in a master caution recall

when the switch is released, so any system annunciator

lights associated with current faults will remain illuminated on

the master caution six packs.

No-Smoking and Seatbelt SignsAnnunciator Lights Brightness Ctrl

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