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8/6/2014 A Tutorial for Mixing & Mastering Adobe Audition | eHow 1/4

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Double-click the Audition desktop icon to launch the program. Click the "Multitrack"

button to switch to multitrack view.

Right-click inside the track labeled "Track 1," hover the cursor over "Insert" and select

"Audio." Navigate to the first audio file you want to include in the mix and double-click

it. Right-click inside "Track 2" and repeat the process. Add as many tracks as you want

in the same way.

Click the "Mixer" tab at the top of the multitrack window to switch to the audio mixer.

Click the "Play" button to start playing the tracks. Adjust the volume sliders for each

track to the desired level. Turn the "Stereo Pan" knob above each volume slider to pan a

track left or right.

Click the power button next to "EQ" on each track, then adjust the equalization settings

by clicking and dragging the "dB" and "Hz" values. Ideally, each track in the mixing

section should occupy its own "space" in terms of both volume and equalization.

Add effects to each track, if desired, by clicking the arrow next to the first field under

"FX" and selecting an effect from the context menu. Experiment with different effects;

adjust each effect's "Wet/Dry" slider to control how much of the effect Audition applies

to the specific track.

Click the "Main" tab to switch back to the initial multitrack view. Press "Ctrl" and "A" at

the same time to select all of the tracks. Right-click one of the tracks. Hover the cursor

over "Mixdown to New File" and choose "Master output in session (Stereo)" in the

context menu that appears. Audition mixes the tracks together into a new file, which

you can master.

Click "Effects," then "Mastering Rack." Audition opens a new effects rack and applies it

to the entire audio waveform. Click the arrow next to the first field under "FX." Select

"Filter and EQ," then "Parametric Equalizer." Check the boxes next to each of the five

A Tutorial for Mixing & Mastering
Adobe Audition

Once you've recorded all the parts of a song, you'll need to

mix and master them before you can distribute it. Mixing

combines all of the disparate tracks into one audio file.

Mastering applies a set of effects to the mixed audio,

making it sound sonically coherent. Adobe Audition

includes a built-in multitrack mixer and a mastering effects

rack. Use these tools to turn your song into a professional-

sounding recording.

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