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AL MANN i8.rc/~

POST OFFICE BOX \044 • FREEII91.C, NIiW .a.S!'y' 07128..

An AME Special

What follows here is only one of
lllany ideas discussed with Richard
Himber in the early 1959 after his
release of the Diamond Prediction


EFFECT: A glass see-through box which is locked and sealed and
which contains several folded pieces of paper (3), is given to the
committee chairman to hold until the day of the show.

For the climax of the show the Mentalist calls for the box.
This is displayed to the audience and the folded papers inside the
box are clearly seen by all. The box is unsealed and unlocked
and anyone from the audience is told to take out the papers and
read them. These prove to be predictions of events that have just
happened and can be verified by the newspapers.

In essence, this is a Headline Prediction stunt. It is obvious
to the audience that the Mentalist never sticks his hand into the
box after it is sealed and the Mentalist never touches the papers
until they are verified! The box may be examined and can be left
with the audience as a gift, as it is an inexpesive plexiglass box!

THE SECRET: For the presentation, the Mentalist must force a
playing card or a word in a book to a prominent member of the aud-
ience. Let's say the three of hearts has been forced.

The three folded billets inside the box are of different color.
Two of the billets can be pink or flesh color and the third billet
can be yellow or light green in color.

The two pink billets contain the same message, for example:

"This is to certify that this box was locked and sealed
on the 3rd day of November, 1986 and was given for safe keeping to
Mr. Smith, committee chairman for safe keeping. Signed, etc."

The yellow billet contains "The three of Hearts will
be chosen."

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On the day of the show write out the headline predictions
on a third pink or flesh color paper. This paper must be folded
exactly as the other pink papers and of course must be of the same
size. This prediction billet is palmed in the right hand
(or left hand if you are left handed) and is kept ready for switch-
ing during the presentation.

THE PRESENTATION: During your show you force the three of
Hearts to a very important person that is sitting on your right
side of the audience.

After you call for the prediction box and display it and talk
about it, you unseal and unlock it being careful that the box is
in full sight of the audience at all times. You then offer the box
to anyone on your left side and tell that person to take out one of
the pink slips and to see what it says. "I will not stick my hands
in the box!" You say (But never say "I will not touch the papers.")

The person reads that the box was sealed weeks before. You then
take the paper from the person and refold it and hold it with the
tips of your switching hand, as you talk to the audience saying that
the box has been in the good hands of Mr. Smith and has just been

PLEASE NOTE: The slip of paper That you are
now holding in your hand, has no farther value or importance to
your audience since it has already been read, AND the audience is
not aware of what is about to take place. You can later say that
you never touch the billets until after they were read and veri-

You next go to your right and tell the VIP who chose
the Three of Hearts to take out the yellow paper and to read it.

After the VIP reads the slip, you ask. "Didn't you choose
the Three of hearts a while ago?" This will cause a chuckle in
the audience and while all this was taking place, you had ample
time to switch the billets in your hand. It is the Headline Pre-
diction billet that is now at the tips of your hand so you tell the
VIP to please refold the paper and throw it into the box and at the
same time you drop your billet, the Headline Predictions, into the
box. The box looks normal again. It shows three folded papers

So now you say, "For the climax, Ladies and Gentlemen, I
want Mr. Jones, The President of the Club to verify everything and
to read my last prediction." So saying you pass the box to
Mr. Jones as you pick up the day's Newspaper to show the audience
the Headlines, etc.

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