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~L. MANN g'.d~ (201) 431-2429

of the
Mind II

1", c",edi.~te,
Dr. Stanley Jaks

* Well known PaycholOQiaI: appeared in popular
TV proqram., "You Asked For It."

* Intemationally Famous Holocpaphical Authority.
* Hailafrom Zurtc:h.. Switzerland: now a citizen of

the U.s.

* Noted "Forqer:'
* Top-Drcnver Entertainer.
* His Mental Wlzardy PhenomenaL
* "You are incredible:'-Franz Joseph.. Prince of


The search for "something cUfferent" for proCJl'ClDlS which are
"unusual" goes on continuously in all of the clubs. In the
belief that his program falls well within these limitations. the
local Asaoc:lated orqanizatlon has invited. Dr. Stanley Jab to
be the quest of honor at the next meeting of the club.

His offerinq is escapism. of the highest order; but it is more
than just that: it is a remarkable demonstration of the .. ldom~
used and even lesa understood powers of the mind. To the
average layman they bewilder and mystify. As the sayinc;r
qoeII, th .... isn't a serious thouqht in a carload.

In these days, when 80 many of us are burdened with
welqhty problema JDOSt of the time, that is not bad. The pr~
gram ia liqht. mystifyinc;r. and packed. with rare humor. It is
ideal for any who are anxious to "get away from it all." As
that Just about includes all of us. it is believed the members
who can. will want to be present when the mental wizard from
Zurtc:h gets to his feet and starts to bewilder his audience.

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~L MANN gzd'~ (201 ) 431-2429

?nc~ed,· ~te

O-t. f}a!e.<i
~ IJIuutZlnl

Copyright by Al Mann Exclusives


PHANTINI, world famous magician, Mentalist and author,
was a close friend of the late Dr. Stanley Jaks, and one of
the few persons of the profession who had the privelege of
witnessing one of Dr. Jaks' shows.

In the following pages, Phantini details Dr. Jaks' Act,
showing how a master showman can make a miracle out of a
standard effect, and tells how Dr. Jaks did his eye-opening
'Signature Duplicating' stunt.

What created the demand for Dr. Jaks' shows in the high-
est circles, .was the fact that he posed as a 'Psychologist'
and then went on to prove that he was much more than that.
That he was a thought-reader and a prophet. But what put 'the
frosting on the cake' was his amaZing Signature Duplicating
feat while blindfoldedl Many believe in and accept a 'prophet'
and a thought-reader, yet here was a man that could demons-
trate the rarely seen faculty of clairvoyance1 He could du-
plicate a stranger's signature by some psychic sense without
the use of his eyes!

Actually, signature duplicating is easy, but like all
rare talents, very few persons ever try their hand at it.
The Mentalist who applies his efforts at it will discover
that with a little practice, he can do itt Signature-dupli-
cation is not necessarily forgery. Forgery is a crime that
involves fraud or attemps to defraud. Dr. Jaks used the term
'forgery' to sensationalize his show, and needless to say, it
left a lasting impression on his audience which created much
talk and brought him world famel Lewis Ganson's book "Magic
of the Mind" is dedicated to Dr. Stanley Jaksl A great tribute
to a great showman!

Enjoy, text~ All 'NOTES' are by Al Mann, in the following
f. t/tf/fr Covera Dr. Jaks' brochure.

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now asks two other persons to come up and they also sign their
names in large letters on underlying sheets of newsprint paper
on the board and Dr. Jaks duplicates each signature upside down
and backwards. This test created a sensation and drew
spontaneous applause from the audience as Dr. Jaks removed the
blindfold to take his bows.

I am not certain if anyone ever des-
cribed in print the true method employed
by Dr. Jaks to produce this effect. I
have heard all sorts of fantastic theories
advanced by magicians over the years but
they were way off the mark.

The method used by Dr. Jaks is very
easy •• if you are an artistl We're all
familiar with the blindfold method in
which vision is gained down the nose.
This was the method Dr. Jaks used to see
the signature. He was able to duplicate
it by simply drawing what he saw immediate- Fig. J
ly before him. Placing the signature
upside down really made the feat easier
because it then became an abstract shape
or line and Dr. Jaks had only to duplicate the shape he saw be-
fore him. Any artist, worth his salt could do the same easily,
in fact I have a degree in art and I did the effect successfully
the first time I tried it. Remember that Dr. Jaks was an artist
and a very good one. He simply figured out a way to utilize his
skill as an artist in a sensational mental effect that gained
him world-wide recognition.

(NOTE. The reader who is not an artist and who wishes to du-
plicate Jaks'feat can practice as follows. Have the person sign
his name on the top line and then turn the board upside down.
Now with the blindfold in place and looking down the side of
your nose you will see the signature on the bottom half of the
board while the top half is intentionally obscured by the blind-
fold. Now if you hold the crayon in your writing hand and simply
follow the 'abstract shapes' you see and draw that on the top
half of the board, without looking at what you are writing, you

. will be able to duplicate the signature I Even if there are some
minor discrepancies, your audience will hardly notice them. They
will be amazed wondering by what power you are able to duplicate
a stranger's signature. which you never saw before. upside down
and backwards and while blindfolded! In Fig. J, the top signature
as shwon was done upside down and backwards. Bear in mind that
most of your audience assumes that you can not see . any thing through
the blindfoldl So the feat is credited to clairvoyance!)

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'fJi.A44t '71t~"'1'ht ~fee~if!)"
Dr. Jak's next effect shows how much im-

pact he could get from a standard market
item in Mentalism. "The Brainwave Deck.1t

I think it is the finest presentaion
of this effect ever conceived.

In working, Dr. Jaks invites a spec-
tator to assist him and gives him a deck
of cased cards to keep in his pocket for
later use. He then introduces a jumbo
deck of cards and shows them freely.
It is a regular deck of Jumbo size
playing cards. The spectator is allowed
to hold the deck and to place any five
cards on the easel with their backs to
the audience. Spectator does not look
at the faces. Fig. 4

A dot is placed on the board
above the cards on the easel. The
spectator is then asked to draw a line from the dot to .any card
of his choice. This is done, and Dr, Jaks asks the spectator to
remove the cased deck of cards from his pocket and Dr. Jaks states
that before the show he reversed a card in the deck, and he fans
the cards and shows that it is the Ten of Hearts (an example).

Now Dr. Jaks turns all four cards around so the faces can be
seen - all but the one card to which the line was drawn. Fig. 4

He finally turns over the fifth card and it is the Ten of
Heartsl the same card he reversed in the regular size deck.

Dr. Jaks now states that so certain was he of his prediction
that he took the reversed card from another deck. He turns the
regular card around and its back is a different color! He then
tells an amusing story of how Harry Truman (former president)
tried to cross him up on this test. It seems that at the last mi-
bute, Truman switches the jumbo cards after he had drawn the line
indicating his selection but Dr. Jaks had anticipated the action
of the President and the test still came off successfully.

Note how beatifully the routine is evolved. The Jumbo cards
have reader backs so as soon as one is selected, Dr. Jaks can lo-
cate the same card in the Brainwave Deck which the spectator has
been holding. He shows the face of each jumbo card saving the
selected card till last for maximum effect and as a final clincher
he reveals that the reversed card in the regular deck came from
a different color deck!

(NOTE, The above effect 'Visual Thought Projection' is on
page 50 of The Amazing World of Mentalism by Burling Hull, a
Micky Hades publication)

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, .

nu. f:;TAN(,J<:V S .. 'AKti

NEW YORK 24, N. Y.

TR ... FAI.G .... 7·66415

(L' Gene Grant
------CJu.e #!~ 4He 14 ~ /he:

~Uf~ ~ k>h o~l.

Dr. Jaks.

(1956) sent to Gene Grant by

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(201) 431-2429

AME salutes PHANTINI for his expert and professional
account of Dr. JAKS' ACT.

PHANTINI (Gene Grant) is a well known magician and
Mentalist and world famous author who's classic epics of
Mentalism, Phantini's Lost Book of Mental Secrets and
Phantini's Mental Key were a thrill and inspiration to
me and will thrill the Mentalist nOVic~rOfeSSionall

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