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This pamphlet was first produced in the 1990s as

the result of a BBC/Open University television

programme ‘Just Seventeen’.

At the time, the only accessible computer

technologies meant that it could exist only as a

black-and-white photocopy, circulated by post.

However, it continued to attract some interest in

the decade that followed, and in 2006 it was

brought up to date through the inclusion of the

original colour images – and the modification of the

text to remove all the references to what the

colours that you couldn’t then see actually were!

The opportunity was also taken to replace the

existing errors with fresh ones.

The photographs were taken by Trevor White, then

with the BBC, now of the design consultancy

5D Associates.

The original volume was dedicated to Trevor and to

the two Open University academics, Fred Holroyd

and Roy Nelson, who worked on the original

programme. The words of that dedication:

”Partly for the knowledge and the photographs, but

mostly for the fun and companionship” are as

appropriate in 2006 as they were in 1996.

One unintended consequence of using colour in this

second edition is that it is now too expensive to

circulate on paper!

Electronic copies may be obtained, however from:

[email protected]

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