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Q.2) Considering Hertzberg’s two factor theory and identify and justify which factors

(extrinsic or intrinsic) motivate each of the 5 team members and the team leader (Melissa


Melissa Richardson

As Richardson preferred friendly environment and her acceptance in team and affection as well.

And she also preferred to build good communication with her team. She had a goal too to

achieve, she wanted to make phoenix one of the best sales offices but somehow she distracted

from her goal and instead fulfilling the requirement of this seat she was trying to accomplish her

goal in other means like building good relations with others. So she will be motivated with both

maintenance and motivator factors by having good relations with her team and regional manger.

She will also prefer proper job design and job analysis of her team to accomplish her goals.

Alex Hoffman

As he is the top sales person in the company and has always achieved his sales targets he should

be motivated by motivating factors like giving him praise for his work recognition, promotion,

and increased status offers challenge, or bonuses.

Gregorio Torres

As he was innovative and has so many creative ideas Richardson should motivate him with

intrinsic motivators for that by giving him praise and appreciating him, encouraging him,

accepting his idea and creativity.

Sarah Vega

As she was totally non-serious about her work and used to come late and take leaves more often.

Richardson can motivate her with maintenance factors by informing her company policies about

her job. Having strong rules about the work timings can make the employees to come in time.

Telling her if she completes her targets and work overtime within the five days of the week then

she can get a day off.

Chelsea Peterson

Although she has a low performance and lacked the skills and experience she can be motivated

with maintenance factors. By taking training courses to gain skills and improve the performance

that will also increase her relationship with team members and continuous motivation and

encouragement by the manager to work hard can make her perform well.

Nick Ruiz

He was a merchandiser who is a capable person, enthusiastic and knowledgeable his

performance was good, based on the performance Richardson can motivate him with job

motivator by giving him growth opportunity for sales position or rewarding him on his

performance through bonuses etc.

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