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Battlefleet Gothic


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Eldar MMS v1.9

Concept and Rules: Sigoroth
(all changes from v1.2 to v1.9 have been done by Roy Amkreutz)

Written by: Roy ‘Horizon’ Amkreutz

Artwork & Pictures: Erwin Leufkens, John Reed, Zhai Mo-
renn, Canucks Fan, Roy Amkreutz. James Ward

Initial Playtesters: Sigoroth, blackhorizon, Admiral Custers,
Barras, Fadam

Special thanks to Ray Bell for additional feedback and the
different Craftworld add-ons.

Special thanks to Chris ‘Zhai_Morenn’ Lautermilch for
providing the drawing, picture and name for the Corsair Eldar

Supernova vessel.

Thanks to the following people at Specialist Games forum for
their input:

Kurnous, Zhai Morenn, Shinnentai, Xisor, Loec, Grimgork,
Scarik, Jadiel, Stormturmoil, Puggins, Warmonkey, Admiral
Beer, Carl, Soulstone, Thanatos, Mique, Manteuffel, Divine
Right, Foehammer888, Noggin, Mad Mö, Vermis Mysteriis,
Seahawk, Mohawk, Fafrin, Borin, Lab Rat, Otto, Enkidu22,

Tamashii, KalTaron, Gwyddyon, Ilusihia, Dragon Lord

Special Rules 3
Corsair Eldar Fleet 6
Craftworld Eldar Fleet 14
Craftworld Eldar 21
Eldar Miscellaneous 25
Designer Notes 26

Please post your feedback at the Specialist Games forum or at
the Tactical Command Boards.

You can contact me directly at: [email protected]

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Craftworld Eldar

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Cruiser/8 10/20/25 45º 2/Holofield 5+ 3

Port Pulsar Lance 30cm 1 F
Starboard Pulsar Lance 30cm 1 F
Prow Weapons Battery 30cm 16 F

Keel Launch Bay
Nightwing 30 cm
Phoenix 20 cm
Vampire 30cm

4 -

Note: The Void Dragon is a special ship and therefore you must have either

technically a Craftworld ship, the Void Dragon will count as belonging to the

A famous Void Dragon which has been identified by the Imperial Navy is the Spirit of Arina, commanded by Admiral Akaeris Starblade. This vessel,
originating from the lost Craftworld Shánn Tal, is in design very similar to the

Akaeris Starblade has been leading a small Eldar fleet through the Galaxy in
search for the attackers responsible of destroying his home Craftworld Shánn Tal
This Quest has taken the Spirit of Arina across various sectors, running between
few and more battles with the Imperial Navy, Tau, Orks and others but most of
the time they will try to avoid engagment with other fleets. Sometimes the need
for information weighs far more then the care of other races and Akaeris will be
forced to raid enemy fleets.

It is rumoured that Akaeris Starblade commanded the Spirit of Arina straight into
the Eye of Terror. At this point Inquisitor Steinhofen, who had been hunting this
paticular Eldar fleet for a large period of time, conceded his hunt and returned to
the Eastern Fringe for another urgent matter called the Khareshi Expanse.

Spirit of Arina

The sheer size of a craftworld means that each individual vessel possesses several

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Designer Notes

With release version 1.6 I finally managed to type
out some Designer notes regarding the Eldar MMS
House Rules.

The beginning

When I started playing this game it was with the most
obvious battles: Imperial Navy versus Chaos, it was
always fun, good and balanced battles. To be honest I
didn’t think much about Eldar and their rules back in
those days. At the time I started visiting the forums,
searching for more Battlefleet Gothic information and
At a given time I witnessed a discussion about the
Eldar within the game. It was Sigoroth who posted
he had ideas to fix the Eldar, to make them playable
again. After that I went back and started to read other
concerns about Eldar playability.
I started wondering myself what was wrong with the
Eldar and at the same time I started bugging Sigoroth
to post his ideas for the Eldar.

It is different. It changes (I’m trying to avoid terms
like wrong or broken) the core rules of Battlefleet
Gothic. In our Chaos versus Imperial Navy battles
we all learned that ships moved in the movement
phase, it worked and gave room to develop numerous
tactics. Besides said fleets all other races moved in
the movement phase ‘only’ as well, even the Dark
Eldar. But not so the Corsair and Craftworld Eldar.
They where allowed to move in the Ordnance phase
as well.
Mind you, for playing a game once in a while the
Move-Shoot-Move can be quite enjoyable and fun.
That’s why I advice new players to stick to the original
rules at first. That gives them judging material and
it makes most sense to learn the original rules first
before you dive into obscure House Rules.

But in the long run MSM is, in my opinion, only a one
trick pony, maybe two or three. And that is a pity, in
my opinion MSM does not improve tactical thinking
in this game. And in the long run the system loses out
on interest.

As an after thought I think it is just plain wrong to
have ships moving in the ordnance phase. It is the
reason for Eldar being a bad choice rule wise from
my point of view.
It also enabled to let other odd Eldar related things
slip into the official Eldar Rules. I am referring to
the weak 4+ Wraithbone armour here. In general
background it is said that Wraithbone is just as
strong as Space Marine armour, which is surely no
4+ armour. Also Eldar ships are weak against space
dust, a simple blastmarker can destroy an entire Eldar
vessel with ease. Weapon Batteries, the most common
weapon made by ‘lesser’ races destroy the advanced
Eldar swiftly as well.
Those things are not what I relate to one of the oldest
and one of the most advanced races.

Therefore I saw the need to give the people who had
the same view on Eldar something different.

As I said I bugged Sigoroth for his ideas to fix the
Eldar and after two tries he posted his Move-Move-
Shoot ideas. Basically this removed the movement
option in the Ordnance phase but gave the Eldar more
speed and manoeuvrability in the standard Movement
Of course that meant that other areas also could and
needed to be changed in order to make the Eldar
work. To name a few: including shields, raising their
armour to 5+ (appropriate for Wraithbone), adding
turrets, etc.

Personally I was really fond of these rules and offered

to build a nice PDF file of them. From experience
solid things like PDF’s make more impact then
options written in a forum.
While working on the PDF I had many discussions
with Sigoroth about the rules and later on Ray Bell
got involved as well to give some more additional
I still hope Sigoroth gets around on writing his
designer notes for these Eldar MMS rules as he had
the main idea behind these rules. He did give me free
hand for evolving the MMS rules from version 1.2
into version 1.5 and further.

To me, and luckily to others as well, the MMS rules
gave Eldar more variety in the long run, adding more
tactical variants to the game play.
All this without destroying the Eldar feel of being a
fast hit and run race. It still applies to the Corsairs
who need to rely on a backbone of their marvellous
escorts but also to the Craftworld Eldar who now
could operate as a true battle fleet, within their own
terms of speed and manoeuvrability, to defend their
Maiden worlds and Craftworlds.


Not really a conclusion more a last paragraph or two.
I hope you enjoy these MMS rules, especially if you
have been tired of the MSM rules. Report all your
experiences or other remarks regarding these rules in
one of the various Battlefleet Gothic forums.

For those who prefer the original MSM rules I would
like to ask if they still could look into these rules and
see if they are balanced or broken.
If it is not the Eldar you want to have MMS rules
imagine these MMS rules to belong to a new alien race
flying into our loved Battlefleet Gothic universe.

Happy Gaming
Roy ‘Horizon’ Amkreutz

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Other collected notes on why MSM should be

My main concerns against MSM are the terrain
dependency and the weapon imbalance between WB
and Lances against the HF.

hiding points you win, if not, you loose. Boring to
the last.
The HF also contributes to this. If you play a
campaign or tourney and have lance heavy ships
you can disengage in turn 1. Saves you from a very
disappointing game. This problem is Eldar only. No

Playing against MSM Eldar was always disappointing
for the opponent because even if he was able to shoot
it only was one die or two whereas the Eldar had
always a ton of dice. From a gamers perspective also
very disappointing.

MMS rules overcome this problems. Without the
movement in the ordnance phase you have to face
retaliation after the initial attack run. This forces
you to move carefully and gives your opponent the
possibility to catch the Eldar by good positioning and
defensive tactics. But with the revised HF and shield
mechanic the Eldar are able to withstand a certain
amount of damage but are fragile enough that they
can not charge head on. This feels better for me both

of the basic mechanics of the BFG system. In MMS,

but with all the feel of an advanced race. The ships

through leveraging of the standard rules. The Eldar



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