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Legal Ruling Regarding
Bay’ Al-dayn
1) Selling of debt to the debtor
 $a&ority of &urists uphold that it is perissible,

e*cept that of the 0ahiris who aintained that the
sale of debt is disallowed even to the debtor

2) Selling Of Debt To Third Party
 $a&ority of &urists disallowed it.
 1oe allow it with certain condition

# 1oe 1haes (al-Subki, al-Nawawi, et c) with a
few conditions

# 1oe 1haes – only conred debt
# 1oe $ali'is – 2 conditions (in the te*tboo')

 bn al#3ayyi – allowed
 slaic 4iqh Acadey – alloed to a debtor or

to a third party pro!ided that the rules of
riba’ and gharar are obser!ed"

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