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TitleBD Chapter 42 From: Papyrus of Nu; Budge Typeset--Faulkner Translation
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BD Chapter 42

From: Papyrus of Nu; Budge Typeset--Faulkner Translation

rA n xsf Sawt iriwt m nni nswt

Spell for preventing the slaughter which is carried out in Heracleopolis:

Dd mdw in Sri nw

Words spoken by the young Nu:

tA n xt Hdt n twt iAt Xnit

O Land of the Staff! O Crown of the Statue! O Standard which is rowed!

ink xy zp idfw i ibw wr iw Dd n.k mi n zp

I am the Child! O Great Kid, I speak to you, today!

apr xrwyt m rxt n.k iw iit n.k r.sw Ais

The shambles is equipped with what you know, and you have come to it...

ink ra mn ink nTr m Xnw isr

I am Re, continually praised; I am the knot of the god within the tamarisk.

nfr wy in xr.f zp idfw ink ra mn

How beautiful is the ...with him! I am Re, continually praised;


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ink nTr m Xnw isr

I am the knot of the god within the tamarisk.

wDA.i wDA ra pn

If I am hale, then will Re be hale today.

Snyw.i m nw Hr.i m iTn iw irty m Hwt-Hr

My hair is Nun; my face is Re; my eyes are Hathor;

iw msDry.i m wp-wAwt fnD.i m xntt xAs

my ears are Wepwawet, my nose is She who presides over her lotus-leaf;

iw spty.i m inpw iw ibHw.i m srqt

my lips are Anubis; my molars are Selket;

nHdwt.i m Ast nTrt

my incisors are Isis the goddess;

awy.i m bA-nb-Ddt Sna.i m nrt nbt zAw

my arms are the Ram, the Lord of Mendes, my breast is Neith, Lady of Sais;

pzd.i m swty Hnn m wsir

My back is Seth; my phallus is Osiris;


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iw ifw.i m nbw Xr ahA

my muscles are the Lords of Kheraha;

Snbt.i m aAw SfSfyt iw Xt.i iAt.i m sxmt

my chest is He who is greatly majestic; my belly and my spine are Sakhmet;

iw xpd.i m irt Hr iw mnty.i sst.i m nwt

my buttocks are the Eye of Horus; my thighs and my calves are Nut;

iw rdy.i m ptH

my feet are Ptah;

iw sAHw.i m bikw anxw

my toes are living falcons;

nn at im.i Swt m nTr

there is no member of mine devoid of a god,

iw DHwty m sAw ifw.i

and Thoth is the protection of all my flesh.

tm ink ra n ra-nb nn xfa tw.i Hr awy wi

I am the daily sun, I am not grasped by my arms,


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nn Amm tw.i Hr dwt

I am not gripped by my hands,

nn iry rmT nTrw Axw mtw rmT nbt pat nbt

and there are no men, gods, spirits, dead men, patricians,

rxyt nbt Hnmmt nbt awA nb im.i

common folk, sun-folk or robbers who shall harm me.

ink pri wDA xm ni rn.f

I go forth hale, one whose name is unknown,

ink sf mAA HH n rnpwt

I am Yesterday; one who views a million years;

rn.i zb zp sn m wAwt Hrw sipw

my name is one who passes on the paths of those who are in charge of destinies.

ink nb Dt HwyA wi ip kwi mi xpri

I am the Lord of Eternity; may I be recognised as Khepri,

ir ink nb wrrt

for I am the Lord of the Wereret-crown.


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ink imy wDAt swHty zp sn

I am he in whom is the Sacred Eye, and who is in the Egg,

rdi n.i anx

and it is granted to me to live by them.

ink imy wDAt m aXnt irt

I am he in whom is the Sacred Eye, nameley the Closed Eye,

iw.i m mkt.s

I am under its protection.

pri n.i wbn n.i aq n.i anx n.i

I have gone out, I have risen up, I have gone in, I am alive.

ink imiw wDAt st.i m nst.i

I am he in whom is the Sacred Eye, my seat is on my throne,

Hms.i m dnit xr.s ink Hr xnd HHw

I dwell in my abode with it, for I am Horus who treads down millions,

wD n.i nst.i HqA.i sy

my throne has been ordered for me, and I will rule from it.


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mi.k rA mdw gr aqAy wi

Behold, my mouth is what speaks and what keeps silence, and I am precise.

mi.k iryw.i sxr

Behold, my shape is turned upside down.

ink wnn nfr tr m tr

I am Wennefer, season by season,

Xrwt.f im.f wa m wa pXr.f

whose attributes come into him one by one when he travels around.

ink imy wDAt

I am he in whom is the Sacred Eye,

nn xpr xt nbt r.i

and nothing shall come into being against me,

bHnw Dw Xnnw nn sw r.i

no evil cutting off and no uproar, and there shall be no danger to me.

ink wpwty sbA m pt HqA nst

I am he who opened a door in the sky, who rules from his throne,


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wpwty mstw m hrw pn

who adjudges those who are born this day;

ni xy Hwy tni wAt sf ink hrw pn

there is no child who treads yesterday's road, and today is mine.

rmT m rmt ink pw maky.Tn n HHw

O people on people, I am he who protects you for aeons.

in wntyw ny pttyw tAtyw rsw mHtyw

Are you in being, you sky-folk, earthlings, southerners, northerners,

Abtyw imntyw snD.i m Xwt.Tn

easterners and westerners, is the fear of me in your bellies?

ink nbw m irit.f nn mt.i m wHm

I am he who fashioned with his Eye, and I will not die again.

At.i m Xwt.Tn irw.i m xnt.i

My striking power is in your bellies, my shape is before me;

ink nn rx.i dSrw r.i

I am he who ignores the wrath in your faces against me;


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ink wnfw ni gmi tr hrw pn iri n.f r.i

I am joyful, and there can be found no season when he could harm me.

pt tni tA tni

Where is the sky? Where is the earth?

mstw znniw nn zny sw

Their offspring are rebuffed and they are disunited.

rn.i m xt nbt Dwt

My name overpasses it, namely everything evil,

wr rAw m mdw mdw.i n.Tn

For great are the spoken words which I speak to you.

ink wbn pzd inbw m inbw wa m wa

I am one who rises and shines, wall of walls, most unique of the unique ones,

nn hrw Sw m iriwt.f

and there is no day devoid of its duties.

zny zp sn znt zp sn mi.k Dd n.i n.k

Pass by, Pass by! Behold, I have spoken to you,


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ink wnb pri m nw mwt.i pw nwt

for I am the flower which came out of the Abyss, my mother is Nut.

i qmAm wy ink iwty xnd.f

O you who created me, I am one who cannot tread,

Tzw aA m Xnw sf iw a Tzw m Xnw Dt.i

the great knot within yesterday; my arm is knotted into my hand,

nn rx wy rxty.fy wy

I will not know him who would know me,

nn xfa wy xfaty.fy wy

I will not grasp him who would grasp me.

iw swHt.i zp sn ink Hr xnty Hhw

O Egg, O Egg, I am Horus who presides over myriads,

hhy.i r Smyw r.i

my fiery breath is in the faces of those whose hearts would move against me.

HqA.i nst.i zny tr pn wAt wpt n.i

I rule from my throne, I pass time on the road which I have opened up.


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