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Enhanced Edition 2

Right now there's probably two questions running through your mind—what’s this AD&D 2nd Edition thing, and who’s

the guy writing this anyway?

Now that you’ve cracked open the box and are ready to slip that first CD into your computer, it seems like a good time to

say welcome to Baldur’s Gate and the AD&D 2nd Edition electronic game world.

Baldur’s Gate is a huge and varied computer role-playing game—but the game didn't happen out of thin air. Baldur's Gate

uses the AD&D 2nd Edition rules, which isn't just any roleplaying game, this is the granddaddy of them all.

So who am I? Well, somebody had to write the 2nd Edition rules back in ’89 and I and some other lucky souls were

entrusted with that job. Back then, we were creating strictly for the paper-and-pencil, sit-around-the-table, face-to-face

game. There was consideration to the needs of a computer game. Sure, it was something we had all thought about, but

there was too much to do to spend time worrying about it—not that we knew how we would accomplish it anyway.

How times change. Now, almost ten years later, I'm sitting on the other side, making computer games—and I’m amazed

at what Baldur’s Gate has done. Baldur’s Gate brings the AD&D game alive on the computer like no other game before

it—and that's no small task! It is a testament to the depth and richness of the AD&D system that even today's computers

are challenged to capture the entire range of flexibility allowed within the AD&D game, and it is a testament to Baldur's

Gate that it contains so much of that richness.

Still, face-to-face games don't have a computer for a Dungeon Master. Computers can't make judgment calls (and would

you want one to?). That means there are some changes that couldn't be avoided. Even in these changes though, Baldur’s

Gate is true to the spirit of AD&D gaming.

We wanted both experiences, paper and electronic, to be equally fun.

Really this introduction is to thank you for playing our game. You playing—and having fun—is what this is all about.

And I hope you do.

—David “Zeb” Cook, 1998

Page 85

85 Baldur’s Gate

Sun Soul Monks were once worshippers of Amaunator in the time of the Netheril, but today their worship is divided

between Lathander, Selûne, and Sune. Sun Soul Monks adhere strictly to the law, using their martial arts and magical

abilities to drive out darkness and corruption wherever they find it.


— 2nd level: May cast Sun Soulray once per day.

SUN SOULRAY: The Sun Soul Monk projects a blast of light from open palm, dealing 1d8 damage every 2 levels to a

maximum of 5d8. This ability does an additional 6 damage vs. undead.

— 5th level: May cast Flaming Fists once per day.

FLAMING FISTS: The Sun Soul Monk channels inner light into unarmed attacks, turning fists into flaming weapons

that deal an additional 2d6 fire damage per hit for the next round. The duration increases to 2 rounds at level 9, 3 rounds

at level 12, 4 rounds at level 15, and 5 rounds at level 25. This special ability automatically modifies normal attacks; no

weapon-switching needs to be done.

— 6th level: Gains an additional use of Sun Soulray.

— 8th level: May cast Greater Sun once per day.

GREATER SUN: The Sun Soul Monk wreathes self in flames that act as a Fireshield (Red), granting the Monk 50% Fire

Resistance and protecting from attacks made within a 5-ft. radius. An opponent that hits the Monk with any weapons or

spells within this radius suffers 1d8+2 points of fire damage.

— 10th level: Gains an additional use of Sun Soulray.

— 13th level: May cast Soul Sunbeam once per day.

SUN SOULBEAM: The Sun Soul Monk emits a dazzling burst of light that strikes at all other creatures within a 30-ft.

radius. The Sun Soulbeam does not automatically hit all targets, but makes a melee attack using the Monk's current

THAC0 (+3 to hit vs. undead). Struck creatures suffer 9d6 points of damage (9d6+3 if undead), unless they save vs. Spell

for half. In addition, all creatures except the Monk must save vs. Spell or be blinded for 10 turns.

— 15th level: Gains an additional use of Sun Soulray.


— Alignment restricted to lawful good.

— May not use Stunning Blow ability.

— May not use Quivering Palm ability.

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