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Control Systems

D.C Generators

D.C Motors

Digital Circuits

Digital Signal Processing

Electromagnetic Theory

High Voltage Engineering

Integrated Circuits and Applications

Measurement and Instrumentation

Microprocessor and Applications

Network Theory (Electrical Circuits )

Power Electronics and Control of Electric Drives

Power System Design and Control of Voltage and Frequency

Protection and Switch Gear

Semiconductor Devices

Single Phase and Poly Phase Induction Motors

Single Phase and Poly Phase Transformers

Transmission and Distribution of Electric Power

General Engineering

Mechanical Engineering - Computer Aided

Design, Strength of Materials, Compressors,

Refrigerators, HVAC, Machines and Material
Handling Equipments like Cranes and hoists.

Civil Engineering - Concrete and

Construction Technology, Building Materials,

Soil Mechanics

Here are the technical subjects questions from the BHEL exam test paper. mechanical,
electrical, civil, electronics, instrumentation, power engineering subjects questions:

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