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The BULATS B2 Wordlist is a list of 3400 words to help teachers preparing students to
achieve a B1 pass in the Cambridge BULATS exam. It is not expected that students at this
level will know 100% of the words on the list, but if they can achieve some familiarity with
80% of these items, they will be well placed to reach their target level.

The list is based in part on the Cambridge ESOL BEC Preliminary Wordlist. However, it
includes a broader range of language to cover different types of survival English as well as
other topics included in the BULATS exam.

As with the BEC Preliminary Wordlist, the list focuses on high-frequency words in a
workplace context and it covers receptive vocabulary (words that the candidates is expected
to understand but which are not the focus of the question) as well as productive vocabulary
(words the candidate needs to know in order to answer the question). In addition, words
common in both written and spoken English have been included, as have words from more
formal or informal registers.

The wordlist does not provide an exhaustive list of all the words that appear in either the
BULATS online or paper-based exam. Nor does it attempt to provide all the words necessary
for use in the Speaking or Writing exams. Therefore, students should not confine their study
to the wordlist alone.


B1 and A2 words
The list includes words on the A2 wordlist and these are italicized. Words that are not in
italics are only in the B1 list.

American and British English
The list is designed for students more familiar with American English than British English,
though both are included. Where there are minor differences between spellings, the
American spelling is listed with the British included alongside: eg center (Am Eng), centre
(Br Eng). For words where there is significant difference between the spellings, both versions
are listed with the alternative beside: eg enquire (Br Eng), inquire (Am Eng) / inquire (Am
Eng), enquire (Br Eng). Sometimes there are alternative lexical items for the same object or
concept and both variants are given with the alternative beside: eg bill (Am Eng), note (Br
Eng) / note (Br Eng), bill (Am Eng).

Examples are given for some words to highlight important meanings either at this level or in
this domain. Examples may also be included to highlight a particular grammatical form
(noun, verb adj, etc) which is more common. As mentioned above, words that should be
familiar to an A2 student are italicized.

Some words have meanings or uses that are typically known at different levels, so in the
example below you can see several meanings of the word clear. As you can see from the
example, clear is italicized indicating that it should be familiar to a student at A2. The
meanings and uses of clear that an A2 student should be familiar with are italicized, but the
non-italicized meanings are only likely to be known by a candidate at B1.

clear (adj & v)
• It's all very clear to me now what happened. (adj)
• Clear your desk before you go home. (v)
• The board decided to sell some assets in order to clear company debts. (v)
• The consignment hasn't cleared customs yet. (v)
• The bank requires four days to clear the check. (v)

A list of prefixes and suffixes appropriate to this level is included in Appendix 2. These may
be combined with words on the list as appropriate. Thus, unfriendly is not included in this list
as it is a combination of friendly + the prefix un-.

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• The group was large. (n & v)
• Trainees are grouped together for discussion

activities. (v)
grow (v)
growth (n)
guarantee (n & v)
guard (n & v)
guess (n & v)
guest (n)
guest house (n)
guide (n & v)

• He has experience as a tour guide. (n)
• I'll guide you around the factory. (v)

guided tour (n)
guilty (adj)
gymnasium (n)

habit (n)
hair (n)
hairdresser (n)
half (adj, adv & n)
hall (n)
hallo/hello (exclam)
hallway (n)
hand (n & v)

• shake hands (n)
• He handed her the book. (v)
• second-hand
• on hand
• in hand
• by hand
• to hand

hand in (phr v)
• Could you hand in your report before the end

of the week?
hand out (phr v)

• Could you hand out the minutes of the

handout (n)
• The handouts from the training are quite

handbag (n)
handbook (n)
handle (n & n)

• The door handle is broken. (n)
• Please handle with care. (v)
• He handles all telephone inquiries. (v)
• She handled the situation well. (v)

hand luggage (n)
handwriting (n)
hang (v)

• He decided to hang the calendar on the wall.
hang out (phr v)
hang up (v)

• She hung up before the caller had finished.
happen (v)
happy (adj)
harbor (Am Eng), harbour (Br Eng) (n)
hard (adj & adv)
hardly (adv)

• There was hardly any time.
• He could hardly wait.

hardware (n)
hard-working (adj)
hate (n & v)

have (v)
• We have a number of advantages.
• We only had a short break.
• I had dinner early.

have a
• have a go/try
• have a look/think

have got (v)
have to (v)
he (pron)
head (n & v)

• at the head of the line (n)
• the head of marketing (n)
• head a committee/group (v)

head office (n)
headline (n)
headquarters (n)
health (n)
health and safety (n)
hear (v)
heart (n)

• in the heart of the city
• the heart of the problem

heat (n & v)
• Water retains heat longer than air. (n)
• The economy could overheat. (v)

heating (n)
heavy (adj)
height (n)
helicopter (n)
hello/hallo (excalm)
help (n & v)
helpdesk (n)
helpline (n)
her (adj & pron)
here (adv)
hers (pron)
herself (pron)
hesitate (v)

• please do not hesitate to ...
hi-fi (n & adj)
high-speed rail (n)
hi(gh)-tec(h) (adj)
hidden (adj)

• hidden costs
• hidden agenda

hide (v)
high (adj, adv & n)
highlight (n & v)
highway (n) (Am Eng)
hill (n)
him (pron)
himself (pron)
hire (n & v)

• for hire (n)
• in charge of 'hiring and firing' (n)
• hire more staff (v)
• hire a car (Br Eng), rent a car (Am Eng) (v)

his (adj & pron)
history (n)
hit (n & v)

• a hit on a website (n)
• hit your sales target (v)

hobby (n)
hold (v)

• Hold on a second.
• hold an event
• get hold of someone

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hold up (phr v)
• He was held up in heavy traffic.

hole (n)
holiday (n)
home (n & adv)
honest (adj)
hope (n & v)
horrible (adj)
hospital (n)
hospitality (n)
host (n & v)
hot (adj)
hotel (n)
hour (n)
hourly rate (n)
hourly fee (n)
house (n)
how (adv)
how do you do? (int)
how much/many (adv)
however (adv & conj)
huge (adj)
human (n & adj)
human resource (department) (n)
humid (adj)
hundred (n)
hurry (n & v)
hr (abbrev) hour

I (pron)
ice (n)
icon (n)
idea (n)
identity (n)

• identity card
ID (abbrev) identification
i.e. (abbrev) in other words
if (conj)

• if necessary
• if possible

ill (adj)
illegal (adj)
illness (n)
image (n)
imagination (n)
imagine (v)
immature (adj)
immediate (adj)
immigration (n)
import (n & v)
import duty (n)
importance (n)
important (adj)
impossible (adj)
impress (v)
impression (n)
impressive (adj)
improve (v)
in (adv & prep)
in a hurry (prep phr)
in advance (prep phr)
in any case (prep phr)
in case of (prep phr)

• in case of fire
• in case of delays

in charge (of) (prep phr)
in danger (prep phr)

in debt (prep phr)
in charge of (prep phr)
in difficulties (prep phr)
in fact (prep phr)
in front of (prep phr)
in general (prep phr)
in half (prep phr)
in order (prep phr)
in order to (prep phr)
in pieces (prep phr)
in place (prep phr)
in private (prep phr)
in public (prep phr)
in secret (prep phr)
in sight (prep phr)
in stock (prep phr)
in the end (prep phr)
in time (prep phr)
in touch (prep phr)

• get/be/keep in touch
in town (prep phr)
in turn (prep phr)
incentive (n)
inch (n)
include (v)
including (prep)
income (n)
inconvenience (n)
inconvenient (adj)
incorrect (adj)
increase (n & v)
indeed (adv)
independent (adj)
index (n)

• the index of a book
indicate (v)
indication (n)
individual (adj & n)
indoor (adj)
indoors (adv)
industrial (adj)
industry (n)

• the steel industry
infected (adj)

• infected with a computer virus
inflation (n)
influence (n & v)

• She was a negative influence on other team
members. (n)

• Her boss influenced her a great deal. (v)
inform (v)
informal (adj)
information (n)
information technology (IT) (n)
in front (of) (prep & adv)
inhabitant (n)
in-house (adj & adv)
initiate (v)
initiative (n)
injure (v)
injury (n)
ink (n)
innovate (v)
innovation (n)
innovative (adj)
inquire (Am Eng), enquire (Br Eng) (v)
inquiry (Am Eng), enquiry (Br Eng) (n)
inside (adj, prep & adv)
insist (v)

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