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V i s u a l i z a t i o n s t o C l e a r Y o u r C h a k r a s

Just then, the beam filters through a light blue window. You
are bathed in a gorgeous shade of blue that reminds you of
a crystal-clear lake. The lightbeings remind you to keep
breathing in and out very deeply. As you do this, the bright
light shines through a royal blue window. Your body is blan-
keted in this deep shade of blue, and you marvel at how
magical your gown looks in the glowing light.
The stream of light next filters through a violet-red arched
window, and you feel yourself lifted with the strong energy
of this colored light that surrounds you. The light then streams
brightly through a purple window, and you suddenly hear
music fill the temple. You and the lightbeings look up and
see hundreds of cherub angels floating around you. They
smile with sweet love at you, and you smile broadly back at
the cherubs. The light surrounds the temple, shining through
all of the windows simultaneously. You watch as a rainbow
of jewel colors swirls around the angels, the lightbeings, and
The lightbeings outstretch their hands and escort you from
the elevated platform. You notice how light and wonderful
you feel as the lightbeings guide you back into your room. As
you open your eyes, you know that you have just received a
most rejuvenating treatment in the temple of healing.

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7. Third Eye Opener

Visualize a glowing golden-white light surrounding you.
Breathe in this golden-white light until the inside of your head
is completely filled with the light. Exhale, and with another
deep breath, see the golden-white light gather like a thick,
solid rope. See and feel the rope of golden light go through
your third eye. See and feel this rope of light thread through
your eye, going from the inside of your head, out into the
room. Breathe in and take the rope of light back into your
mouth, and feed it through your third eye again.
You may feel a tinge of pressure as your third eye is cleansed
and opened by this rope of light. If your third eye has been
closed for many years or lifetimes, the rope may feel uncom-
fortable. Breathe in and out to ease any discomfort during this
chakra-opening process.
When you feel guided to stop, visualize yourself exhaling
the golden-white light into the room. See your third eye’s
eyelid joyfully open, happy to be fully awake to the true
visions that now guide you.


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