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-can type a keyword to search sth

5. netcasting-radio n tv broadcast online

6. broadband-used to indicate a high speed connection to e internet

-slow difficult to download larger file

-higher speed access, easier to access complex files

7. bandwith-a term used to describe the carrying capacity of an idv’s computer connection

e internet audience

 young tech savvy innovators-any age or interest group

 teens spend more time online

 internet is ultimate niche medium in that people turn to it to find out about any topic that

interest them

internet marketing

 created new ways to do business

 most companies have website that provides info, but many also sell product online

 it provides ways to track customer behavior and preferences thru database and predictive


 internet brands-selling online and in stores

internet as a marcomm media

 online marcom serve five primary purposes

1. provides a brand reminder message to people who are visiting a website

2. like an ad in traditional media and delivers an informational or persuasive message

3. provide a way to entice people to visit the advertiser’s website by clicking on a banner or

button that links to the website-driving traffic to the website

4. search-enable customers to find brands, customer reviews, and other product info

5. interactivity-customer possible to move away from being a target and initiate contact

with a company or with other customer and have a conversation about a brand

6. provide general info about a company and its brands or an online version of the

company’s catalog

 both an opportunity and challenge coz even though u can create an animated brand

presence-visitors remain completely in charge and competitors are just a click away

function internet marcom

 sell products and manage their business operations

 advertise include the info, ent, social and word of mouth, dialogues, roles

1. info role

-provide info for consumer decision making

-traditional media vehicles have websites that adapt e info from their mainline format

-reader generated content

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2. ent role

-go online for ent, playing games, playing stock market and keeping up with fashion,

music and videos

-some are personally challenge

-either for escape or relaxation and that also makes them a useful medium in which to

advertise coz e message can b assoc with positive exp

3. social role

-virtual communities where customer and prospects hang out and discuss brand prob,

solutions, and new uses among themselves

-social networking sites allow users to share personal info with friends

-personal content, user engagement, social r/s and group dynamics differentiate social

media from conventional mass media

-social engagement helps idv develop sense of self

-sns so attractive coz they engage e power of friendship based influence

-ntwork members likely to respond to mssage on the sites

-offer opportunities for marcomm messages

-user generated ads-the content of commercial nature that is created or posted in the

pages of users in social media that promotes a product, service or cause

4. Word of mouth role

-characteristics that support two basics obj that drive advertiser’s use of the internet:

1. create dialogu with customers

2. stimulate a conversation among and between customer and potential customer

-relate the power of word of mouth-developed a growing respect for media that

generate buzz or word of mouth

-the most influential media is word of mouth

Types of online marketing


 Aka home page, a company’s website is the online face it presents to the public

 Blurs the distinction between marketing communication forms, such as ads, direct marketing

and public relations

 Website can be information source with researchable library of stories and data about

product, product categories and related topics

 To create a brand or organizational identity and reinforce brand position

Effectiveness depends on several factors

1. Stickiness-one that encourages visitors to ‘stick around’ instead of bouncing to another


-has to b interesting n offer meaningful interactivity

2. Ease of navigation

E mail communication

 It is so inexpensive

 It takes a list of email address, a computer and an internet connection

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 Viral marketing uses email, fb and twitter to circulate a message among family and friends

Internet growing so fast

 Combines e best aspect of traditional media

 Receive major benefit of tv ads such as motion, benefit of direct response is interactivity n

the major benefit of print is its depth of info

 Internet ad provide all of these benefits n often at much lower cost than traditional media

 Most forms of online ads weathered e recent recession better than most other forms of

traditional ads

Banner and display ads

 Banner ads-small ads on other web pages that lure visitors to switch pages

-can click on them to move to the advertised website

-easy to create and are usually placed on a website featuring complementary products or

related topics

-overal click thru rate has dropped

-help build brand awareness even if they don’t deliver a high level of response

Common formats

1. Skyscrapers-extra long, skinngy ads running down the right or left side of a website

-response rates for skyscrapers began to be used aggressively by more companies in

early 2000s, can be 10 times higher than for traditional ads

2. Pop ups and pop behinds-burst open on the computer screen either in front of or behind

the opening page of the website

-present info n games

-seen as intrusive and annoying

3. Micro sites/mini sites-small websites that are the offspring of a parent website

-may cover particular product, campaigns, events, or promotions

-tend to be more tightly focused that their parent sites and be transitory coz the reason

for the site might have a time frame and expire

-allows advertisers to market their product on other branded websites w/o sending

people away from their sites they’re visiting

4. Superstitials

–thought as internet commercial and are designed to work like tv ads

-20 sec animation appears in a window

5. Widgets

-tiny computer prog that allow people to create and insert professional looking content

into their personal websites and also onto their tv screens

-include new notes, calculators, weather feeds, stock stickers, clocks, book, n etc


1. Self expression tools

2. Revenue generators on blogs

3. Site enhancement device

4. Marketing comm message

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Online video ads

 Most common type are in a pre roll format which forces viewers to watch a video ad before

viewing video clips

 Interactive video ads that drop down over the screen and allow viewers to click for more info

 Lack of standardization means agencies have higher production costs as they try to adapt to

different delivery systems

 Ad selector, a feature that offers a group of ads and invites viewers to choose one

Search ads

 Driven by keywords that consumer use to search info

 Provides the marketer with an opportunity to position a brand message adjoining the list of

sites that is compiled in response to a keyword by search engines

 Search engines auction off positions that let advertisers’ ads be seen next to specific search


 Adjoining ads are not perceived to be as an intrusive as other forms of ads

 Search optimization-e practice of maximizing e link between topics and brand related


-Companies try to affect their search engine rankings in order to drive more traffic to their


-they want their ads to appear as close to the top of the list as possible in order to have

maximum visibility


step, registered with popular search engines so that it shows up early on the list provided

by the search engine

Classified ads

 Small part of online ads pieces, whether thru local media websites or craiglist, Used by local

ads and org

 Craiglist is a community exchange for people who either want to sell sth or are looking for sth

-its business model is to operate as a public service

-doesn’t accept ads but does charge for real estate listings and open job postings

Internet ads sales

 Yahoo more traffic but google most successful at attracting ads

 Selling online ads space is complicated

 Middleman companies act as brokers for online ad space that they aggragate across different

sites and package as single buys, in effect setting up an ad work

-these ad networkers offer less well designed sites and positions and may sell space for less

than a dollar per thousand viewers

-criticized for flooding e internet w cheap and sometimes tacky ads

Social media tools

 The use of blogs, linked social networks and online communities to build relationship with


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 Social media as tools to promote brands, engage customers and create brand relationships

and most of these efforts are free or cheap compared to other forms or marcomm

 Open up a new environment of conversation based marcomm, creating opportunities for

entirely different forms of nearly instantaneous customer connections

-word of mouth advertising on steroids

Blogs micro and chatrooms

 Blog-Diary like webpage created by idv to talk about things that interest them

 Blogs are produced by some 100 m digital essayists worldwide

 For creative expression and opinion pieces for generally anonymous audiences

 For making money, publish news n politics

 Contained links to related sites the bloggers consider relevant

 May have higher levels of credibility than ads or corporate websites-self serving

 Corporation also use blogs in addition to their traditional website to engage stkaeholders of

all kinds

 Prob with blogs is that they take lots of time and many bloggers run out of steam

 Prob-criticized stealth advertisers

 Micro blog-mini posts invite users to share their daily doings and immediate thoughts with

people who have subscribed, called followers eg. Twitter

 Chatrooms-groups of people with a special interest can contact one another and exchange

their opinions and experience


 Link friends, fans or others who share interest in some topic

 Companies have their own facebook n myspace pages with their own brand profiles just like

any other members

Video and image sharing

 Can post video and photographs

 Videochat services that make possible for friends, family members and colleagues at far

distances to talk in real time

 Viral video-videos uploaded to the sites and share with others

Social games and virtual communities

 Live imaginary lives online by playing social games

 Can created their own avatars

 Second life even has a commercial side with its own currency that u use to buy islands of

space and create your own place

Social media strategies

 To take advantage of the strengths of these new media forms

 See values in conversations customer r/sbuilding comm, rather than targeting and

promoting to a mass of anonymous customer

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