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Chapter 3


3-2. how many parallel paths are there in the armature windings of prob. 3-1 if (a), (b) and (c) are

simplex wave wound and the others are simplex-lap wound?

3-4. how many parallel paths are there in the windings of armatures that are wound (a) duplex-lap for

six poles? (b) triplex-lap for six poles? (c) duplex-lap for eight poles (d) tr iplex-lap for 10 poles? (e)

quadruplex – lap for six poles?

3-6. determine the degrees of reentrancy for the following lap windings : (a) duplex, 36 segments ; (b)

duplex , 35 segments ; (c) triplex, 117 segments (d) triplex, 116 segments (e) quadruplex, 286 segments.

3-8. determine the commutator pitches yc for the following wavewound armatures : (a) 75 segments,

four poles ; (b) 93 segments, four poles ; (c) 229 segments, six poles ; (d) 227 segments eight poles.

3-10. how many parallel paths are there in the following armature winding: (a) six-pole duplex-wave? (b)

six-pole triplex-wave? (c) eight-pole simplex-wave? (d) eight-pole duplex-wave? (e) eifht-pole triplex-

wave? (f) eight-pole quadruplex-wave?

3-12. a commutator has a 456 segments. indicate whether or not the windings are possible: (a) simplex-

wave for six poles; (b) triplex-wave for six poles; (c) duplex-wave for eight poles; (d) simplex-wave for 10


3-14. for each of the answers of prob. 3-13, trace the winding around the commutator and show that

the proper segment, ahead of or behind the first one, is reached.

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