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Chinese Traditional Herbal Medicine
Vol I. Diagnosis and Treatment

Michael Tierra1 LAc.1 OMD1 A.H.G.
and Lesley Tierra1 LAc.1 A.H.G.

Page 205

areas of inquiry by the doctor. Since the Ming Dynasty, it has been
customary to follow the method of ten questions when making a diagnosis.
This includes: 1. chills and fever; 2. perspiration; 3. headache, chest,
abdominal or other pains anywhere in the body; 4. urination and
defecation; 5. appetite; 6. mental state; 7. hearing; 8 thirst; 9. history of
old diseases and causes of the new illness; 10. if a woman, menstruation,
leukorrhea, number of children, childbirth, miscarriages and abortions.

Chills and fever
Chills and fever help determine whether it is an acute External

symptom pattern or chronic Internal one. External complexes are always
accompanied by chills, while with an Internal condition the patient may
be prone to general coldness but not chills.

Colds, influenza, headache, stiff neck, body aches, fevers with chills
and an aversion to Cold and Wind are all External symptoms. These
need to be further understood as being either of the Wind-Cold or Wind-
Heat type. With Wind-Cold the chills are more severe than the fever and
there are other indications of Coldness such as pale appearance and a
slower pulse (60 or less beats per minute). With Wind-Heat chills are
milder while the fever is stronger, and there are other strong indications
of Heat such as a flushed appearance and a rapid pulse (closer to 80 or
more beats per minute). The Wind-Cold and Wind-Heat diseases are
divided into six stages, each having several formulas appropriate for its
treatment. These are detailed in chapter 6.

Spontaneous perspiration is generally an indication of a Deficient

condition. Fever with perspiration is a sign of either External Wind-Heat
or Heat invading the Qi level.
Wind Heat: use Lonicera and Forsythia Combination (Yin qiao san)
Wind Cold: use Cinnamon Combination (Gui zhi tang)
Qi level fever: use White Tiger Decoction (Bai hu tang)

Perspiration accompanying an Internal symptom complex could
represent Yang Deficiency when one perspires upon awakening or
spontaneously, or Yin Deficiency if perspiration occurs during sleep.
Cold extremities, small pulse and a pale complexion with incessant
predisposition to sweating can be a sign of exhaustion.

Yang Deficiency: Tonify Yang with Rehmannia Eight Formula (Ba
wei di huang wan).
Yin Deficiency: Tonify Yin with Rehmannia Six Formula (Liu wei
di huang wan).


Page 206

Perspiration Caused by Exhaustion: Use a ginseng or Q! tonic
formula such as Ginseng and Ginger Combination (Li zhong wan)
or Four Major Herbs (Si jun zi tang).

Headaches, Chest, Abdominal or Other Aches and Pains

External Cold: Incessant headaches with fever and cold, use
Cinnamon Combination (Gui zhi tang).
Blood Deficiency: Headaches that come and go with dizziness
indicates Dang Gui Four Combination (Si wu tang).
Greater Yang (Tai Yang) type: Headaches that occur at the neck and
the back of the head is treated wth Ephedra Combination (Ma
huang tang).
Lesser Yang (Shao Yang) type: Bilious headaches located at the
temples or sides of the head are treated with Bupleurum and
Cinnamon Combination (Chai hu gui zhi tang) or Bupleurum
and Dang Gui Formula (Xiao yao san or Rambling Powder).
Sunlight Yang (Yang Ming) type: Headaches that are located at the
forehead to the eyebrow ridge are caused by the Stomach and are
treated with Minor Rhubarb Combination (Xiao cheng qi tang).
Lesser Yin (Shao Yin) type: Headaches acompanied with vomiting,
cold extremities and a deep pulse are treated with Evodia
Combination (Wu zhu yu tang).
Deficient Oi: Severely painful headaches which occur in the
morning, late afternoon or come and go are caused by weakness and
are treated with tonics such as Ginseng and Dang Gui Ten
Combination (Shi chuan da bu wan).
Excess Heat: A severe, continuous headache may be caused by toxic
accumulation and is treated with detoxifying herbal formulas such
as Coptis and Scutellaria Combination (Huang lian jie du tang) or
Major Bupleurum Combination (Da chai hu tang).

Chest discomfort and pains
Excess: For a feeling of fullness in the chest with la bored breathing
use Five Peels Decoction (Wu pi san).
Deficient Q!: For a feeling of emptiness with shallow breathing use
Rehmannia Eight Combination (Ba wei di huang wan).

Blood Stagnation: Sharp chest pains are treated with Decoction for
Removing Blood Stasis in the Chest (Xue fu zhu yu tang).
Asthma or emphysema: For a stuffy feeling in the chest with pain
and shortness of breath one can consider Ephedra and Ginkgo
Combination (Ding chuan tang).


Page 410


Ginseng and Dang Gui Ten Combination (Shi quan da bu tang) 100, 104,

Ginseng and Ginger Combination (Li zhong tang Regulate the Middle) 103,
127, 197, 198, 199, 200

Ginseng and Gypsum Combination (Bai hu jia ren shen tang) 131
Ginseng and Longan Combination (Gui pi tang) 201, 247, 256, 272
Ginseng and Zizyphus Combination (Tian wang bu xin tang) 201, 257
Ginseng, Poria and Atractylodes Powder (Shen ling bai zhu san) 273

Gypsum Combination ( Shi gao tang) 104
Hoelen and Areca Combination (Wu pi yin Five Peel Powder) 51, 238
Inula flower and Hematite Decoction (Xuan fu dai zhe tang) 228
Jade Screen Powder (Yu ping feng san) 56, 100, 115, 119
Lily Bulb Decoction to Consolidate the Lungs (Bai he gu jin tang) 233
Lonicera and Forsythia Combination (Yin qiao san) 98, 104, 114, 131, 166,

172, 196, 262, 306, 309
Lotus Stem and Ginseng Combination (Qing shu yi qi tang) 182
Ma Huang and Apricot Seed Combination (Ma xing shi gan tang) 263
Magnetite and Cinnabar Sedative (Ci zhu wan) 201
Magnolia and Hoelen Combination (Wei ling tang) 180
Major Bupleurum Combination (Da chai hu tang) 101, 124, 197, 198, 214,

26~ 282, 289, 302, 308
Major Rhubarb Combination (Da cheng qi tang) 39, 51, 101, 111, 117, 125,

198, 199, 241, 307
Mantis Egg-case Powder (Sang piao xiao san) 200, 201
Minor Blue Dragon Decoction (Xiao qing long tang) 56, 114, 181, 213, 214
Minor Bupleurum Combination (Xiao chai hu tang)102, 115, 124, 213, 214,

266, 308
Minor Cinnamon and Paeonia Combination (Xiao jian zhong tang) 198, 201,

Minor Rhubarb Combination (Xiao cheng qi tang) 39, 51, 101, 111, 125, 197,

198, 199, 307
Morus and Chrysanthemum combination (Sang ju yin) 98, 131, 166, 306
Morus and Lycium Formula (Xie bai san) 267
Mume Formula (Wu mei tang) 101, 129, 199
Nine Herbs with Notopterygii Decoction Oiu wei qiang huo tang) 260
Ophiopogon and Trichosanthes Combination (Mai men dong yin si) 177,

Ophiopogon Combination (Mai men dong tang) 56, 214, 268, 299
Persica and Rhubarb Combination (Tao ho cheng qi tang) 126, 231
Polyporus Combination (Zhu ling tang) 200, 305
Poria Five Herb Combination (Wu ling san) 51, 110, 127, 235, 238, 305
Pueraria Combination (Ge gen tang) 97, 123, 169, 198, 261, 306


Page 411


Regulate the Middle Pill (Li zhong tang Ginseng and Ginger Combination)

Rehmannia Eight Combination (Ba wei di huang tang) 64, 101, 107, 116, 196,
197, 198, 200, 201, 242, 293, 294, 309, 310

Rehmannia Six Combination (Liu wei di huang tang) 39, 62, 101, 107, 118,

Rehmannia Six Combination with Lycii Berries and Chrysanthemum (Qi ju
di huang wan) 288, 289, 290

Replenishing the Right Pills (You gui wan Eucommia and Rehmannia
Combination) 101, 242, 293

Replenishing the Yang Decoction (You gui yin) 64
Restore and Revive the Yang Decoction (Hui yang jiu ji tang) 251
Rhinoceros and Rehmannia Combination (Xi jiao di huang tang) 132, 232,

240, 310
Rhubarb and Mirabilitum Combination (Tiao wei cheng qi tang) 111, 117
Rhubarb and Moutan Combination (Da huang mu dan pi tang) 126, 198,

231, 307
Saussurea and Cardamon Combination with Six Noble Ingredients (Xiang sha

liu jun zi tang) 200, 273
Schizonepeta and Ledebouriella Combination Oing fang bai du san) 97, 166
Scrophularia and Ophiopogon Combination (Zeng ye tang) 233
Siler and Platycodon (Fang feng tung shen san) 39, 45, 311
Six Major Herb Formula (Liu jun zi tang) 50, 200, 227, 270, 275
Spleen Warming Decoction (Wen pi tang) 199
Stagnation Relieving Pills (Yue qu wan) 112
Stephania and Astragalus Combination (Fang ji huang qi tang) 311
Stephania and Ginseng Combination (Mu fang chi tang) 249, 255
Stomach Purging Decoction with Pinellia (Ban xia xie xin tang) 51
Sweet Wormwood and Tortoise Shell Combination (Qing hao bie jia tang)

101, 107, 118, 240
Two Cured Decoction (Er chen tang Citrus and Pinellia Combination) 57,

110, 180, 204, 235, 259, 262, 263
Vitality Combination (Zhen wu tang) 44, 107, 116, 127, 271, 277, 309
Warm and Activate the Circulation of the Heart Pills (Guan xin su he wan)

251, 258
White Atractylodes and White Peony Powder (Tong xie yao fang) 302
White Tiger and Cinnamon Twig Decoction (Bai hu jia gui zhi tang) 198
White Tiger Decoction (Bai hu tang) 99, 117, 126, 173, 196, 201, 309
Xanthium Powder (Cang er san) 56
Zizyphus Combination (Suan zao ren tang) 39, 201


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