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Clan of the

Celtic Wisdom and Ritual
for Women


C. C. Brondwin

A division of The Career Press, Inc.

Franklin Lakes, NJ

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Clan of the Goddess

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Entities: What are they and where doEntities: What are they and where doEntities: What are they and where doEntities: What are they and where doEntities: What are they and where do
they fit in?they fit in?they fit in?they fit in?they fit in?

An entity is a spiritual term that is often bandied about,
especially in the New Age movement. But to most of us ‘en-
tity’ is a vague term that is seldom, if ever, clarified. “What are
they?” You ask yourself. “Should I be afraid of them? Do I
have one, or more? What does all this mean?”

No doubt, like most of us, you’ve been unduly and nega-
tively influenced by horror movies and science fiction flights-of-
fancy. You’ve been exposed to cinematic sleight-of-hand and
ever-improving special effects. Some actor will whisper that there
is a “strange entity” in the hallway and we are treated to the
image of a diaphanous, floating ghost that uncurls long, see-
through fingers with sharp nails. It grimaces, exposing grotesque
canine teeth that grow longer and more lethal-looking by the
moment. That can be entertaining, and it does get the adrena-
line pumping, but as an example of an entity: it’s all wrong.

So what are entities, and where do they fit in your heavenly
entourage? Entities are extremely positive in nature. They come
directly from the very highest planes of spiritual development—
the area of complete enlightenment. You can be comfortably at
ease with any entities assigned to aid you here on Abred.

“Come on, C.C., what are they, really?” The reason they are
seldom explained is because it is difficult to do so, but I’ll try.
Entities may be manifest as a number of different things, or
images. In essence, they are bits and pieces of highly devel-
oped and loving wisdom; scraps of endearing love and of en-
during cosmic intelligence. They are present at sunrises and
sunsets, in shimmering rainbows, and they are especially evi-
dent during the aurora borealis, that cosmic light show known
as the “northern lights.” The beauty in nature has many com-
ponents indicative of these forces of good. Just remember,
whatever form they do take, they are always your friends. Friends

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Help from the Otherworld—Meet Your Spirit Guide

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from another place and time too complex to understand in
our dimension, but important to the success of your present
journey on the earthplane. They will flit in and out of your life
as needed, bringing bushels of positive, loving energy. And
that is a very good thing.

How to banish pesky lesser beingsHow to banish pesky lesser beingsHow to banish pesky lesser beingsHow to banish pesky lesser beingsHow to banish pesky lesser beings
should they drift inshould they drift inshould they drift inshould they drift inshould they drift in

Now, I have to admit there are what I would call “lesser
beings.” They are less developed, temporarily lost souls who
are simply looking for a place, a home. These are not entities.
The lesser beings are simply stuck in a spiritual limbo; they
are lost and, most likely, a bit frightened by their present situ-
ation. Scaring the pants off a human, if they are able to do so,
must make them feel a bit alive, don’t you think? But if it so
happens that you sense the uncomfortable presence of one of
these lesser beings—if you feel their darker, brooding pres-
ence—you can remedy the situation in a flash. You have the
ability to banish them.

Simply make your Power Fist to summon up your woman’s
magick, and cast a Spell of Protection around yourself and any
others with you. Then get bossy. That’s right. Tell that pres-
ence, whoever they are, to: “leave—go to the light,” or, “go
home.” Say it softly and kindly, but firmly. They will obey.
They always do. Or, you may wish to ask your Spirit Guide to
take this presence home and be confident they will instantly
do so. Then say, “Go in peace, friend.” And they will, believe
me, each and every time.

Here’s another trick. If you are all alone and still feel a bit
shaky after banishing the troublesome being—sing. That’s
right, sing anything you want: hymns, pop songs, silly child-
hood ditties. Those beings absolutely hate song. It’ll send them
packing—even if you do sing in tune!

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Clan of the Goddess

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About the Author and Illustrator

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bout the Author
and Illustrator

C. C. Brondwin is a professional woman who has been
honored as an award-winning documentary journalist in both
print and broadcast, and who has served as a senior executive
at two universities, one a women’s institution. Brondwin was
raised as a spiritualist in a Celtic family where ceremony and
ritual, talismans and amulets, were a part of her daily life.
Both her mother and grandmother were recognized diviners
and mystics. These inherited women’s gifts of “knowing” led
Brondwin on a spiritual quest to discover the Celtic Goddess
of her ethnic roots. She studied herbalism and homeopathic
medicine and traveled to Britain to rediscover the power and
the dynamism of early Clan Mothers who worshipped the
Mother Goddess as Briganntia, or Brigit. Her dream is to rec-
reate a far-reaching network of spiritual elders to serve as Clan
Mothers to young women today.

She lives in the sunny foothills of the Canadian Rockies
with her husband, artist and editor, William Johnson and their
Newfoundland dog, Zimba. Visit C. C.’s website at

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