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TitleClearSCADA 2013R1 Design Guidelines
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SCADA Expert ClearSCADA 2013 R1
Design Guidelines


This document serves to provide some guidelines for the successful and efficient design of
larger SCADA Expert ClearSCADA deployments. To provide some context to the guidelines
within this document, some background information on the operation of SCADA Expert
ClearSCADA is first provided as a foundation upon which to build.

Checklists are provided at the end of this document as a means to easily rate your system
against these guidelines.

Wastewater Application Starter Project

A new application example is included within the Example Projects to provide a foundation
for development of a real-world Wastewater Lift Station. This example leverages the close
integration of the SCADAPack E RTU objects and includes sample IEC 6-1131 logic for the
SCADAPack 334E RTU. This project will be used as the basis for examples of topics
discussed within this document.

Further Information

Further information is available with the Schneider Electric Telemetry & Remote SCADA
Solutions Resource Centre:

This icon is used to provide a demonstration of the current topic within the
SCADA Expert ClearSCADA sample database.

This icon is used to link directly to a relevant article within the Schneider
Electric TRSS Resource Centre.

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