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Cocktails,Cocktails Cocktails&more

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71Rum & Tequila

Batida Abacaxí


Big chunk of fresh pineapple


2 oz / 6 cl Cachaça

2 oz / 6 cl freshly pressed

pineapple juice

½ oz / 1½ cl freshly squeezed

lime juice

½ oz / 1½ cl sugar syrup


• If you're using fresh pineapple,

muddle it in the base of a shaker.

• Add the rest of the ingredients

and shake with ice.

• Strain into a glass with

crushed ice.*


• Garnish with a chunk

of pineapple.


• Blend all the ingredients and

pour into a glass with

crushed ice.*

• Garnish with a chunk

of pineapple.


* Whether you add pineapple for

muddling or for blending depends

on you. The blender will give you

a smoother, thicker drink.

Just don't use canned pineapple!

• You can use condensed milk for

Batidas, but if you do, omit the

lime juice and sugar.

Most Cachaça (rum made from fermented sugar cane) is cheap, and

pretty rough on the palate, but when mixed with fresh fruits, it can be

divine. You can have a great time exploring the whole range of Batida

drinks and inventing a few as you go along.




1 lime

2 bar spoons of fine sugar

(to taste)

2 oz / 6 cl Cachaça


• Cut the lime into 8 cubes.

• Muddle the lime with the sugar,

in the metal part of a shaker.*

• Transfer to a glass.

• Add ice and Cachaça and stir.

• Top off with ice if necessary.


* I can't recommend strongly

enough that you muddle your

lime in the metal part of a shaker.

Doing it straight in the glass is

not a good idea. Believe me, from

personal experience, breaking a

glass while you're holding it in

your hand is more than irritating,

and is a waste of a good lime! And

blood does not make the drink

taste better.


Old Fashioned

• I like to use natural brown,

or Turbinado sugar, to give

a richer taste.

• I prefer to keep the lime and add

extra fruit. A mixture of berries, for

example, makes a fantastic drink.

Take a handful of raspberries,

strawberries and blackberries

(and maybe even some ginger)

and muddle them with the

lime, and then add the ice and


(continued on page 72)


Caipifrutas – Almost exactly like

the Batidas, you can substitute

nearly any fruit you like for

the lime.

Caipirovska – Substitute vodka

for the Cachaça

Caipirissima – Substitute white

rum for the Cachaça

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72 Cocktails, Cocktails & More Cocktails

Batida Maracujá
(Passion fruit)


The pulp of 1 or 2 passion fruit

(depending on size)

2 oz / 6 cl Cachaça

1 oz / 3 cl condensed milk

Dash sugar syrup – to taste


• Shake all the ingredients.*

• Strain into a glass with

crushed ice.


* I would not recommend

blending, as passion fruit is filled

with seeds.

• If you can find good, fresh

passion fruit juice, you may want

to lengthen the cocktail.

• Passion fruit is acidic, so you

may want to add sugar to taste,

but try not to spoil the natural


Batida de Coco


2 oz / 6cl Cachaça

2 oz / 6cl coconut cream

1 oz / 3cl condensed milk


• Shake all the ingredients.

• Strain into a glass with

crushed ice.

Batida de Liete Onça
(Jaguar's Milk)


2 oz / 6 cl Cachaça

2 oz / 6 cl condensed milk

1 oz / 3 cl crème de Cacao brown


• Shake all the ingredients.

• Strain into a glass with

crushed ice.

• Sprinkle nutmeg, cinnamon,

or grated chocolate on top.

Batida de Milho Verde
(Sweet Corn)

No really, I'm serious!

Try it once – it's amazing...


2 oz / 6 cl Cachaça

2 oz / 6 cl condensed milk

2 tablespoons of sweet corn


• Blend all the ingredients

until smooth.

• Pour into a glass with

crushed ice.



(continued from page 71)

There are no rules when it comes to Batidas, so – anything goes! They

are basically Cachaça with fruit or fruit juice, sweetened with sugar,

or with 'liete condensado,' (condensed milk), if you want a creamy,

milkshake style drink. While not exactly traditional, many people now

use a blender to make their Batidas, particularly if using fresh fruits.


Batida Morango (strawberry) –

you can add crème de Fraises to

boost the taste.

Batida Carneval

(mango) – blend this one.

Batida Banana

Pineapple and Sweet Pepper –

Blend, and throw in some chili

pepper if you like.

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143Pousse Café & Other


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144 Cocktails, Cocktails & More Cocktails

I cannot possibly express how much I have been influenced by the work
of many people. First of all, I believe in keeping an open mind, and I don't
think there has ever been a bartender I worked with that I didn't learn
from – even if it was how not to do something. Among the many names
and faces of which so many are a blur, I would like to thank my good
friends, David Miles, Nala, Richard Elvis, Barrett Young, and Ilan Avitsur,
and Anya for her timely criticism and a whole lot more, as well as two
great teachers, Dick Bradsell and Wayne Collins, and all the team from


Algonquin 100

American Beauty 114

Americano 132

Apple Martini 42

Aviation 52

B-52 138

Bahama Mama 70

Batidas 71, 72

Bee’s Knees 53

Bellini 120

Bitters 14, 136

Black Velvet 122

Blood and Sand 100

Bloody Mary 34

Bobby Burns 101

Bossa Nova 70

Boston Flip 26

Bramble 53

Brandy 114

Brandy Alexander 116

Brandy and Ginger Ale 29


Odeon, for some of the very best of times, memories, and lessons in both
bartending and life. But most of all, I owe all of this to my family, Yael,
Romi, Mia and Alma, for putting up with me and my ridiculous hours,
for their patience and support (both generally, but especially during the
writing of this book!), and most of all for making me realize that, however
much I love my job, there's so very much more to life than standing
behind, or sitting at, a bar.

Brandy Crusta 23

Brandy Daisy à la Jerry

Thomas 24

Caipirinha 71

Cherry Cobbler 20

Chimayó 92

Chocolate Martini 48

Classic Champagne

Cocktail 124

Cosmopolitan 36

Cuba Libre 29

Cucumber Martini 41

Daiquiri 75

Dark ‘n’ Stormy 79

Dry Martini 54

Eggnog 26

El Diablo 92

Espresso Martini 38

Fish House Punch 80

French Martini 39

French 75 126

Frisco Sour 27

Frozen Daiquiri 78

Fruit Daiquiris 77

Gimlet 58

Gin Fix 25

Gin Fizz 25

Gin Rickey 27

Grasshopper 134

Harvey Wallbanger 50

Highballs 29

Hot Buttered Rum 79

Hot Toddy 102

Irish Coffee 105

Liqueurs 135

Long Island Iced Tea 50

Lynchburg Lemonade 101

Mai Tai 81

Manhattan 106

Margarita 94

Martinez 58

Mary Pickford 82

Melon Martini 40

Mint Julep 108

Monkey Gland 59

Mojito 84

Moscow Mule 49

My Zubrowka Sour 30

Negroni 60

Old Fashioned 110

Painkiller 82

Pepper or Chili Vodka 29

Piña Colada 88

Planter’s Punch 90

Purple Haze 141

Ramos Gin Fizz 59

Red Grapefruit & Basil

Caipirinha 74

Rude Cosmopolitan 93

Russian Spring Punch 128

Sangria 136

Sangrita 142

Sea Breeze 29

Sex on the Beach 51

Sherry Cobbler 20

Silk Stockings 93

Singapore Sling 62

Sour Gin & Tonic 29

Tom and Jerry 83
Tom Collins 65

Vanilla Lychee Martini 44

Vermouth 132

Watermelon & Basil

Martini 46

Whisky Cobbler 21

Whisky Cocktail 22

Whisky Daisy 24

Whisky Sour 30

White Lady 66

Zombie 83

Zubrowka Bison Grass

Vodka 29

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