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TitleConrad, Joseph - Heart of Darkness (Norton, 2005)
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Table of Contents
Title Page
	Heart of Darkness
	Textual Appendix
		ROBERT KIMBROUGH: Textual History and Editing Principles
		Textual Variants
	Imperialism and the Congo
		1910 ENCYCLOPÆDIA BRITANNICA: [European Reaction to Leopold’s Abuses]
		KING LEOPOLD II: [The Sacred Mission of Civilization]
		GEORGE WASHINGTON WILLIAMS: An Open Letter to His Serene Majesty Leopold II
		ROGER CASEMENT: The Congo Report
		EDMUND D. MOREL: [Property and Trade versus Forced Production]
		ADAM HOCHSCHILD: Meeting Mr. Kurtz
		ALAN SIMMONS: [Conrad, Casement, and the Congo Atrocities]
	Nineteenth-Century Attitudes toward Race
		G. W. F. HEGEL: [The African Character]
		CHARLES DARWIN: On the Races of Man
		ALFRED RUSSEL WALLACE: [Are Humans One Race or Many?]
		FRANCIS GALTON: The Comparative Worth of Different Races
		BENJAMIN KIDD: [Social Progress and the Rivalry of the Races]
		PETER EDGERLY FIRCHOW: Race, Ethnicity, Nationality, Empire
	Conrad in the Congo
		JOSEPH CONRAD: [Imagining Africa]
		JOSEPH CONRAD: Selected Letters En Route to the Congo
		ZDZISL/ AW NAJDER: [Introduction to “The Congo Diary” and the “Up-river Book”]
		JOSEPH CONRAD: The Congo Diary
		JOSEPH CONRAD: Up-river Book
		Selected Letters from Africa and After
		JOSEPH CONRAD: Geography and Some Explorers
	The Author on Art and Literature
		JOSEPH CONRAD: Preface to The Nigger of the “Narcissus”
		JOSEPH CONRAD: Henry James: An Appreciation
		JOSEPH CONRAD: Preface to Youth
		JOSEPH CONRAD: Preface to A Personal Record
		Selected Letters
	Contemporary Responses
		EDWARD GARNETT: Unsigned Review from Academy and Literature
		UNSIGNED REVIEW: From the Manchester Guardian
		UNSIGNED REVIEW: From the Times Literary Supplement
		UNSIGNED REVIEW: From the Athenaeum
		JOHN MASEFIELD: From the Speaker
		HENRY JAMES: The New Novel
		E. M. FORSTER: Joseph Conrad: A Note
		FORD MADOX FORD: A Personal Remembrance
		VIRGINIA WOOLF: Joseph Conrad†
	Essays in Criticism
		ALBERT J. GUERARD: The Journey Within
		CHINUA ACHEBE: An Image of Africa: Racism in Conrad’s Heart of Darkness
		IAN WATT: [Impressionism and Symbolism in Heart of Darkness]
		HUNT HAWKINS: Heart of Darkness and Racism
		PETER BROOKS: An Unreadable Report: Conrad’s Heart of Darkness
		PATRICK BRANTLINGER: [Imperialism, Impressionism, and the Politics of Style]
		MARIANNA TORGOVNICK: [Primitivism and the African Woman in Heart of Darkness]
		JEREMY HAWTHORN: The Women of Heart of Darkness
		DAPHNA ERDINAST-VULCAN: The Failure of Metaphysics
		EDWARD W. SAID: Two Visions in Heart of Darkness
		PAUL B. ARMSTRONG: [Reading, Race, and Representing Others]
		ANTHONY FOTHERGILL: Cannibalising Traditions: Representation and Critique in Heart of Darkness
		ANDREW MICHAEL ROBERTS: [Masculinity, Modernity, and Homosexual Desire]
		J. HILLIS MILLER: Should We Read “Heart of Darkness”?
		LISSA SCHNEIDER: Iconography and the Feminine Ideal
	Heart of Darkness and
Apocalypse Now
		LOUIS K. GREIFF: Conrad’s Ethics and the Margins of Apocalypse Now
		MARGOT NORRIS: Modernism and Vietnam
		LINDA J. DRYDEN: “To Boldly Go”: Heart of Darkness and Popular Culture
Joseph Conrad: A Chronology
Selected Bibliography

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