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TitleDark Heresy - Damned Cities (Book 2 of the Haarlock's Legacy Trilogy)
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Table of Contents
	Dark Heresy - Damned Cities
		Table of Contents
			Game Master's Briefing
			The Structure of the Adventure
			Plot Overview
			Mystery, Murder, and the GM
			The Path of the Adventure
			Game Mastering Damned Cities
			Vital Leads and Useful Clues
		Ch.1 The Sinophian Gazeteer
			Planetary History
			The Powers that Be
			Sinophia Magna
			District I (Prime)
			District III (The Commercia)
			District VI (The Granite Colonnades)
			District VII (The Shadow Manses)
			District X (The Saint's Wash)
			Districts V & XIII (The Sinks)
			Flavius Starport
			The Clockwork Court
			The Sanctum
			The Turning Hand
			The Celestine Wharf
			Haarlock's Folly
		Ch.2 Wicked City
			Sinophia Magna
			The Adventure Background in Detail
			Key Dramatis Personae
			Fihad Constantine - Arbit
			The Daemon in the Mirror
			Colchis Skarmen - Senior Adeptus Arbites Precinct Marshal
			Xiabius Khan - Enforcer General
			Margrave Cal Sur'maywroth - Malevolent Noble
			The Sagacity Eupheme Tassel - Keeper of the Rolls
			The Masters of the Undertow - Hesul, Tiber, and Scorn
			Lynan Yantra - The Witness
			Biologis-Adept Lecto Talanis
			Spectre Cell 17 - Tenebrae Collegium Kill Team
			The Shattered Mirror
			Who has the Mirror Fragments?
			The Nature of the Shard Fragments
			The Bloody Tide of Disorder
			The State of Turmoil
			Adventure Prologue
			Death Begets Discord, Discord Begets Heresy
			A Sudden Change of Orders
			Part 1: Death in Sinophia Magna
			State of Turmoil forPart I—Rising Tension
			The Opening:A Rainy Arrival
			Getting into the City
			Dead in the Water
			Haarlock’s Folly
			Location Details
			A Late but Welcome Reception
			An Interview with the Marshal
			On the Slab
			The Corpse of Bal Grey
			Investigating the Sinks
			The Friends of Bal Grey
			The Late Juvinal Priator
			The Rag Court
			On the Run
			Death in the Clockwork Court
			Part 2:Blind Ene
			State of Turmoil—Boiling Point
			Before the Storm
			The Enforcer General
			Unvarnished Truth
			The House of Amorite
			Part III:Through the Shattered Mirror
			State of Turmoil—Mayhem
			A Final Betrayal
			The Broken Tower
			Interview with the Daemon
		Ch.3 Appendix
			Major NPCs
			Spectre Cell 17
			The Masses
			Appendix II: Player Handout
			Appendix IIIA: Map of Haarlock's Folly
			Appendix IIIB: Map of Haarlock's Folly Cellars
			The Haarlock Legacy Campaign
			A Legacy of Terror

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