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TitleDigital Matte Painting - Techniques, Tutorials & Walk-Throughs
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Table of Contents
Basics: The Photoshop Paint Engine
	Part 1 - Defining a Custom Brush Tip Shape
	Part 2 - Dual Brush Dynamics
	Part 3 - Creating Custom Brushes
	Part 4 Working with Color Dynamics
	Part 5 - Spirographic Brushes
Basics: Painting Clouds in Photoshop
Creating a Spiritual City
Changing the Season: Snow
Matte Painting in Photoshop - Three in One
	Part 1 - Maison
	Part 2 - Snow
	Part 3 - Castle
Modern Ruins
Mystic Night Scene
Haunted House
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Page 2

Image by Yanick Dusseault aka Dusso


Page 47

As an empty background color I always use the dominant color for specific painting. In this case it is the color of
the snow – white. The purpose of this is to being able to visualize your final product in the early stages. In this case
it is also the color of the sky, so I add a little gradient by darkening the horizon line.

Speaking of a horizon line, it is good to make one early on, so you won’t have and unexpected perspective artifacts.
This is done finding existing perspective lines (blue) and drawing the line through the point of their intersection
(red) which will be our horizon. After we have established all necessary elements it is time to start painting. The
next step would be to create a ground plane. I painted some free strokes using mainly three shades of snow from
light to dark gray. The idea behind the matte painting is the same as behind impressionistic painting. You just
create an impression, but on close-ups the reality breaks on strokes and colors.


Page 48

As in real world, there can’t be any flat colors. Of course there are
exceptions, but the nature is full of texture that mixes colors in a very
organic way. I said before that if you can use photos the use them. I
applied a black and white photo of a grass field on top of the ground
plane to create imperfection in color. To do so, I placed a layer of grass
on top of ground layer in photoshop and overlayed top layer over the
bottom one.

This creates a more dynamic range of shades as well as adds a texture to
the ground plane.

Next step is actually painting snow on our plane. Before doing any matte painting it is always good to do research
on a subject of your painting. In this case it is snow. Snow might seam a very easy subject, but in fact it has a very
interesting nature. Under different weather conditions, snow has different color, shape and interaction with
environment. In my case it hasn’t snowed for couple days, as well as it is not windy, so the snow is not blowed off
the house.


Page 93

This is where I begin enhancing the basic image. Using the Effect Tool/Custom Sharpen feature in Photo Paint, I
begin to sharpen portions that I have just painted in, such as the broken wooden boards, the branches, bushes and

To make the image more interesting, I made one of the windows in the house light up by hand painting the effect
with a light yellow. To create the glow of the light, I used a soft circle brush to paint the area on a new layer, with
a much lighter yellow (almost white) with no transparency, but the layer mode set to “Add”.


Page 94

The sky is the result of many tests using green to grey colours and a big brush. Details such as the clouds were
painted in using a thinner brush and setting some brushes to Colour Dodge and Colour Burn modes.

Final Image
The final image is a pseudo-photo-real haunted mansion, employing clever digital techniques and photographic


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