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TitleDIN EN10219-1 1997
TagsStructural Steel Welding Reference Metals
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ICS 77.140.75

Descriptors: Hollow sections, structural steelwork, fine grain steel,
technical delivery conditions.

Kaltgefertigte geschweißte Hohlprofile für den Stahlbau aus unlegierten
Baustählen und aus Feinkornbaustählen – Teil 1: Technische Lieferbe-

Ref. No. DIN EN 10219-1 : 1997-11
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DEUTSCHE NORM November 1997

EN 10219-1

Continued overleaf.
EN comprises 37 pages.

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Cold formed welded structural hollow sections
of non-alloy and fine grain steel

Part 1: Technical delivery conditions
English version of DIN EN 10219-1

Supersedes DIN 17119
and DIN 17120,
June 1984 editions, and
DIN 17123 and
DIN 17125, May 1986

European Standard EN 10219-1 : 1997 has the status of a DIN Standard.

A comma is used as the decimal marker.

National foreword
This standard has been prepared by ECISS/TC 10.
The responsible German body involved in its preparation was the Normenausschuß Eisen und Stahl
(Steel and Iron Standards Committee), Technical Committee Hohlprofile.
The classification of steels is the same as that for hot-rolled steels; the specifications for the chemical
composition are based on DIN EN 10025 and DIN 10113-1 to DIN 10113-3.
The DIN Standards and the Stahl-Eisen-Werkstoffblatt (Iron and steel material specification) (SEW)
corresponding to the European documents referred to in clause 2 of the EN are as follows:
CR 10260 DIN V 17006-100

EURONORM 103 DIN 50601

ECISS Circular IC 2 SEW 088

In comparison with DIN 17119 and DIN 17120, June 1984 editions, and DIN 17123 and DIN 17125, May 1986
editions, the following amendments have been made:

a) The specifications for cold formed welded seamless and welded hollow sections of circular, square
or rectangular cross section have been combined.

b) The specifications for the chemical composition and mechanical properties have been amended (in
accordance with DIN EN 10025 and DIN EN 10113 series).

c) More details have been given with regard to non-destructive testing.

Previous editions
DIN 17119: 1984-06; DIN 17120: 1984-06; DIN 17123: 1986-05; DIN 17125: 1986-05.

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