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Part III: The Doctor Who Movie

The Eighth Doctor

Character: Eighth Doctor
Apparent Age: Mid 30's
Species: Human/Gallifreyan Hybrid
Equipment: Bag of Jelly Babies, Sonic Screwdriver, Pocket Watch, TARDIS Key

Abilities and Special Abilities
Strength: 4. Cheat Death 2, Iron Constitution 2, Regenerative Powers 1
Control: 4. Bench Thumping 1, Leaping 1, Sleight of Hand 2, Stealth 2
Size: 3
Weight: 4
Move: 3. Running 1
Knowledge: 7. Computing 1, Detective Powers 1, Electronics 2, First Aid 1, MacGuffin 2,
Medicine 2, Pseudoscience 2, Science 2, TARDIS 2, Temporal Science 2
Determination: 6. Indomitable Will 1, Strong Passion 2 (Grace Holloway)
Awareness: 5. Intuition 1, Striking Appearance 1

Description: The eighth Doctor borrows a lot of personality traits from the fourth Doctor with
a dash of the sixth Doctor thrown in. Dressed in a dark coat with brown pants and black
shoes, this incarnation of the Doctor is of a serious mind when performing a task but when
necessary, can affect a disarming personality similar to the fourth incarnation, including the
Jelly Babies.

Unlike the other incarnations, the eighth Doctor is apparently half human. Upon exiting the
TARDIS on New Year's Eve of 1999, the seventh Doctor was shot, taken to a hospital to be
worked on by doctors and, subsequently, died there. When this incarnation died, a
microscopic camera was left within the body. In the morgue, the seventh Doctor's body
underwent regeneration. As the Doctor remarked later, the anesthesia almost inhibited the
regeneration process. The presence of a Human ancestor in the Doctor's biological
makeup altered the regeneration process enough to change the Doctor's body from a full
Gallifreyan to a Human/Gallifreyan hybrid. In addition, the regeneration process has brought
to the surface the Doctor's romantic side. Rather than being protective of his companions, he
might become personally involved with them instead of maintaining a protector/charge
relationship like his other selves.

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