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EI Standard 1541

Performance requirements for
protective coating systems used in
aviation fuel storage tanks and piping

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Global aviation fuel handling publications

The Energy Institute is the provider of the following portfolio of equipment standards and operational
recommended practices to facilitate the safe and efficient handling of aviation fuel, particularly at airports.
They are available for use internationally. The titles include those that were developed jointly with the API.

These are available through the EI from either or Portland Customer Services
(t: +44 (0)1206 796 351). The two API titles can be obtained from For further information
on the EI aviation fuel handling portfolio please contact [email protected]


Title Ed. ISBN

EI 1540 Design, construction, operation and maintenance of aviation fuelling

4th 978 0 85293 565 1

EI 1541 Performance requirements for protective coating systems used in
aviation fuel storage tanks and piping

1st 978 0 85293 566 8

EI 1542 Identification markings for dedicated aviation fuel manufacturing and
distribution facilities, airport storage and mobile fuelling equipment

8th 978 0 85293 567 5

EI 1585 Guidance in the cleaning of aviation fuel hydrant systems at airports 2nd 978 0 85293 568 2

EI 1594 Initial pressure strength testing of airport fuel hydrant systems with water 2nd 978 0 85293 569 9

EI 1597 Procedures for overwing fuelling to ensure delivery of the correct fuel
grade to an aircraft


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Energy Institute
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London W1G 7AR, UK

t: +44 (0) 20 7467 7100

f: +44 (0) 20 7255 1472

e: [email protected]

This publication has been produced as a result of

work carried out within the Technical Team of the

Energy Institute (EI), funded by the EI’s Technical

Partners. The EI’s Technical Work Programme

provides industry with cost effective, value adding

knowledge on key current and future issues

affecting those operating in the energy sector,

both in the UK and beyond.

Registered Charity Number 1097899

ISBN 978 0 85293 566 8

This document is issued with a single user licence to the EI registered subscriber: [email protected]
IMPORTANT: This document is subject to a licence agreement issued by the Energy Institute, London, UK. It may only be
used in accordance with the licence terms and conditions. It must not be forwarded to, or stored, or accessed by, any
unauthorised user. Enquiries: e:[email protected] t: +44 (0)207 467 7100

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