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Reliance Petroleum Limited
Jamnagar Refinery Complex

• the Sswitchgear protection and tripping supplies

• , and Ssubstation alarm annunciators panel(s)

• Electrical load management system

• Electrical distribution management system

See single line diagram(s) for DC system configuration.

DC supply units will be in accordance with specification 22960-3PS-ED-001.

AC Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) Systems

AC UPS systems shall be in accordance with specification 22960-3PS-EUP-001.

AC UPS systems shall be provided as required in substations, process interface buildings and
control rooms to provide no break supplies to the following systems:

• Distributed Control System (DCS)

• Fire and Gas System

• ESD System

• Control panels where deemed appropriate

• Essential instrumentation

• Machine/Process Condition Monitoring System (e.g. vibration, analyser and

• PA/Alarm System

• Talkback Intercom System

• Telephone System

• Radio System

• CCTV System

See single line diagram(s) for AC UPS system configuration .

Busbar Trunkings

Busbar trunking shall be in accordance with specification 22960-3PS-EB-001.

In general power connections exceeding 1000 amps will be carried out using busbar trunking.

Relay Panels and Protective Devices

The metering, protection and control equipment associated with the 220kV switchgear shall
be housed in dedicated relay panels located in a relay room within located MRS1.
Main Substation.

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