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Table of Contents
                            Part I  - Learning EFT
	Welcome To EFT Energy
	How EFT Works
	What Can We Treat With EFT?
	How To Do EFT
		EFT Heart & Soul Chart
		The EFT Round
		Tapping EFT
		Contacting The Problem
		Understanding Stress
		Stress and Energy Flow
		The Set Up
		The Complete EFT Round
		Testing Your Changes
		Subsequent Treatment Rounds
		The Healing Event
	Improve Your Energy Flow
		Tips On Tapping
		Alternatives To Tapping
		General Tips On Improving Energy Flow
	EFT - The Whole Treatment At A Glance
Part 2 - EFT Self Help
	Setting Up For EFT Success
	Creating Successful EFT Set Ups
		Don't Tap On Stress Talk
		Use Your Own Words
		Be Specific
		Stay On Track!
	Try EFT On Everything!
	You Don't Have To Solve It, Only Evolve It!
	The EFT Experience
	Energize Your Life!
Part 3 - The EFT Protocols
	Different Protocols For Different Problems
	The EFT Story Protocol
	The EFT Body Protocol
	The Mindful EFT Protocol
	The EFT FreeFlow Protocol
	The EFT Proxy Protocol
	The Loving Touch EFT Protocol
	EFT Protocols Summation
Part 4 - The A-Z Of EFT
	EFT & Addictions
		Treating The Object Of Addiction With Mindful EFT
		Treating The Guiding Star With EFT
		Treating Addictive Cravings With EFT
		Treating Physical Withdrawal Symptoms With EFT
		Treating The Reasons For Addictions With EFT
		EFT & Addictions Summation
	EFT & Affirmations
	EFT & Anger
		Proxy EFT For Anger
		Anger Energy Management For Everyone
	EFT & Animals
		Animal Bereavement
		Animal Behaviour Problems
		Attention Seeking Behaviour Disorders
		Animals & Owners
		Animals & Health
	EFT & Anxiety
	EFT & Artefacts
	EFT & Aspects
		Aspects Of The Self
		Aspects Of Problems
		Sorting By Time
	EFT & Beliefs
		Limiting Beliefs
		Improving Beyond Belief
	EFT & Bereavement
		Undiagnosed Bereavement
	EFT & Business
		Work & Play
		Global Business & Work Blocks
		Business, Work & Relationships
		Business & Work Beliefs
	EFT & Carers
		The Caring Relationship
		Proxy EFT In The Caring Relationship
		Transforming The Experience Of Caring
	EFT & Children
		EFT & The Child Within
		EFT & Parents
		Tapping EFT With Children
		EFT & Teenagers
		Tapping Together
	EFT & Confidence
	EFT & Depression
		Depression & Heart Break
		Depression & Energy Awareness
	EFT & Dreams
		EFT & Nightmares
	EFT & Dying
		EFT In The Dying Process
	EFT & Emotions
		Emotions & Problems
		Expanding The Concept Of Emotions
	EFT & Emotional Intelligence
	EFT & Events
		Types Of Events
		Genesis Event & Event Echoes
		Treating Events With EFT
	EFT & Forgiveness
	EFT & Freedom Spells
	EFT & The Genius Factor
		Intelligence, Creativity & Stress
		Gaining Access To The Bigger Picture
		Creativity & The Energy Mind
		Energy Blocks To Genius Information
		Improve Your Genius Factor
		Genius In Every Day
	EFT & Goals
		Discovering New Goals
		Step Stones To The Goal
	EFT & Hypnosis
		EFT For Hypnotists
		EFT In The Hypnosis Treatment Flow
		EFT & Hypnosis Programs
	EFT & Illness
		Self Help EFT & Illness
		Three Lines Of Enquiry
		Illness & Energy Tonics
	EFT & Intuition
	EFT & Learning
	EFT & Luck
		Finding Set Ups For Luck
		Lift Your Luck Factor
	EFT & Meditation
	EFT & Memories
	EFT & Metaphors
		Metaphors Of Life
	EFT & Money
		Tips For Money & EFT
	EFT & Pain
		EFT & Physical Pain
		EFT & Psychosomatic Pain
	EFT & Performance
		Preparing For Performance With EFT
		Performance Trauma
		Performance Enhancement
		The Joy Of Performance
	EFT & Play
	EFT & Self Esteem
	EFT & Relationships
	EFT & Sex
		The Fear Of Sex
		EFT & Sex Abuse Survivors
		Improving Your Sex Life & EFT
	EFT & Spirituality
	EFT & Weight Loss
		The Energy Of Food
		The Fear Of Food
		Special Relationships With Food
		Eating With Energy In Mind
		EFT & Exercise
	EFT & Will Power
	EFT & The X Factor
	EFT & Zen States
	A Brief History Of EFT
	Evolving The EFT Protocol
		From Classic EFT To EFT Heart & Soul
	From SUD To SUE - Bringing Joy To EFT
	The Professional EFT Practitioner
	EFT In The Third Field
	About The Author
	Further Reading
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Page 114

in their healing hands and streaming out of their fingertips. You can very easily upset
and “electrocute” a baby or a child by putting through too much power into these
sensitive points.
A good way to reign in your healing energy output is to touch the child or baby very

gently, like you would stroke the head of a tiny bird with a paper fragile skull to make it
feel safe and calm it down. Try this now, using your index finger to very gently touch
and stroke the back of your other hand to get a sense of what that feels like.
The same applies for using EFT with young children; be very gentle and use either

very soft taps, or gently massage or touch the points instead.
When a child is old enough to learn EFT for themselves and follow you as you

demonstrate a treatment round, it is good practice to do some EFT without there having
to be a problem first.
Simply show the Heart Healing posture and the points and say together with the child,

“Tap, tap, tap!” on each point as a fun activity; you can do this with children as young
as 18 months old and it is a lovely energy experience for both of you.
With young children especially, focusing on something good to tap on instead of the

more adult way of tapping for a problem is a good way to go.
We can ask a child what it would like, what would make it happy, and tap for that to

reduce stress, interrupt unwanted behaviours or calm the child down. For example, 3
year old Bethany who had “a rumble in my tummy” said that she wanted her tummy to
feel warm instead. Tapping on “warm tummy” relaxed her, she started to smile and rub
her stomach, saying it was warming up and feeling happier. The next round was for
“happy tummy” and the pain went away completely; Bethany fell asleep happily only a
few minutes later.
In this context, the EFT Body Protocol is particularly useful in all EFT treatments with

children, but also teenagers.
Children don't understand the convolutions of naming emotions, and teenagers are very

resistant and unwilling to talk about their emotions. By focusing on what they feel in
their bodies right now, we stay very reality based and can ask the child for feedback as
the sensations start to change.
If you remember that EFT is simply about unblocking the flow of energy and not some

kind of psychoanalysis, doing EFT with children is really simple and leads to wonderful
changes and evolutions.

EFT & Teenagers

Nowadays, young children turn into “teenagers” at a younger and younger age; and
when this happens, a great change also takes place in the family that has to be dealt with
Once again, this starts with the parents/caretakers who might be confounded by sudden

changes in behaviour, emotion and energy of the developing young person.

114 Energy EFT: Energize Your Life With EFT © Dr S Hartmann 2012

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