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The following procedure is for the setup of the guitar with factory specifications. If the string gauge has

been changed some adjustments will be needed to compensate for the difference in string size and tension.

Modifications may further be made for individual playing styles (pick strength, fretting strength,

strumming, etc.)

Tools needed:

 Set of automotive feeler gauges (0.002in – 0.025in)

 6” steel ruler with 1/32” and 1/64” increments

 Light machine oil

 Phillips screwdriver

 Allen wrench

 Electronic chromatic tuner

 Wire cutters

 Peg winder

 Capo

 Polish and cloth

 Chapstick

 3-In-One oil

 Tape Measure

Lubrication of string contact areas is important for proper setup. Use a bit of Chapstick

on the string tree,

nut, and the bridge pivot points to promote smoother operation. Light machine (3-In-One) oil may be

substituted for the bridge lubrication.

1.1 Remove the old strings.
1.2 The following will produce distances that each bridge saddle should be positioned as

referenced from the inside of the nut to the front of each saddle.

1.3 To determine the scale length of the guitar, use a tape measure and measure from the
inside of the nut to the center of the 12

fret (not the fingerboard). Double that distance.

1.4 Place the tape measure at the inside of the nut and measure out to the distance that was
doubled in step 1.3.

1.5 Adjust the distance of the 1
string saddle to this position.

1.6 Adjust the distance of the 2

string saddle back from the first saddle using the gauge

width of the second string as the distance to move,

1.7 Adjust the 3

string saddle in the same manner using the width of its string as the


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