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Flanged Pipes

BS EN 545/598 ISO-2531

Class K9 & Class K12
Flanged Pipes are traditionally manufactured using two main methods.

1 Casting the Flanges Integrally - Class K12

2 Welding the Flanges on to Centrifugally spun DI Pipes - Class K9

Option No 1 is usually economical with small diameter short length pipes where there is a regular requirement. Such
Pipes are listed separately. It can also be advantageous to cast larger diameter flanged pipes - especially those with
puddle flanges when the lengths are less than 2M.The down side is that unless patterns are already existing for the
sizes required, pattern modifications or new patterns may have to be made which can add to the costs. Where pipes
are cast with spigot ends, the spigot ends will be machined to the correct pipe OD to allow connection to DI Sockets or
Couplings/Flange Adaptors.

With Option No 2, Pipes can be fabricated more quickly and there is no restriction on available pattern lengths, as the
pipes can be cut to suite specific requirements. For sizes other than short cast pipes or large diameter pipes with
puddle flanges, fabricated Pipes can be most cost effective.

Specification of Flanged Pipes:

We have listed on the second sheet how Flanged Pipes should be dimensionally specified.

Coatings of Flanged Pipes:

Flanged Pipes made by the casting process can follow the same specification as pipe Fittings, namely:

International Standard : Cement Lined Internally - Bitumen Coated Externally ISO 2531

UK Standard: Blue Epoxy Coated in/out - BS EN 545 - Potable Water
Red Epoxy Coated In/out - BS EN 598 - Non Potable Water

Flanged Pipes made by the welding process follow a different coating specification and are similar to the centrifugally
spun pipes, namely

International Standard : ISO 2531 Cement Lined Internally - Bitumen Coated Externally

UK Standard: BS EN545 - Potable Water
Cement Lined & Epoxy seal coated internally
Bitumen or Blue Epoxy coated externally

UK Standard: BS EN 598 - Non Potable Water
HAC (High Alumina Cement) Lined internally
Red Epoxy Coated Externally

Document Ref: DFCP.01

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