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                            Flirting Without Intent
Flirting With Intent
Myth #1-Compatability
Myth #2- Women Want Nice Guys
Myth #3- Women Use Logic to Find Guys
Myth #4- Women Don’t Like Sex
Myth #5- Women are Attract to Guys Based on Looks
What Women Want in a Man
Sexual Tension – What is it?
Why Sexual Tension Makes No Sense
Eye Contact
Danger Zones to Avoid
Final Thoughts on Your Body Language
#1- Social Touching
#2- Accidental Touching
#3- Obvious Touching
#4- Sensual Touching
#5- More on Touching
Using Humor
Use Teasing
Conversation Topics
Conversation Hooks
Moving Between Conversations
My Favorite Flirting Line
#1- Describe Yourself
#2- Creating Sexual Tension
#3 – Creating a Range of Emotions
#4 – Role Reversal
Attraction Signals
Sexual Signals
Final Thoughts on Signals
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Page 2

Flirt Mastery
How to Flirt and Create
Hypnotic Conversations
with Women [Preview

By Steve Scott

Page 45

Flirt Mastery •

© Distinctive Advantage Marketing

The idea is to make her desire more of your touch…not run
for her life.

The difference between what’s appropriate or not is really
subjective. Start by lightly touching her hand or lower back
as you move by, or offer your arm as you cross the street.

Build up her anticipation as you touch her. Tease part
of her mind, making her wonder what it’s like for you to
touch her in other areas.

Besides the thumb-wrestling example given above, a good
excuse for you to touch her initially is palm reading. Most
people don’t know that (besides the obvious areas), the
palms are erogenous zones (in other words, they get
“turned on.”)

Not only does this technique allow the chance to touch a
sensual part on her body, but it also gives you an
opportunity to show her how fun you are.

Another often-overlooked erogenous zone is the hair. This
is an excellent place to touch her, as every gentle stroke of
your hand is sure to send shivers down her spine.

Slowly move your hand towards her head, and evaluate if
she’s open to the touch or not. If she flinches, she’s
probably not ready for any further physical action.

But hey – it was worth a try.

Women are very sensitive to touch, and it’s never a neutral
thing with them. It either has a positive or negative impact
on her. You want her to beg for more.


Page 46

Flirt Mastery •

© Distinctive Advantage Marketing

When the two of you have finally established a comfort
level with one another, you want to increase the intensity
of your touching…slowly. Touch her slightly less than what
she wants. Stroke her hair or cheek, see the glimmer in
her eyes, and then take your hand away leaving her
wanting more.

Don’t touch her intimate areas until you receive a clear
sign that she’s into it. If you can help it, try holding out on
touching her sexually until you know you’ve got it in the
bag. This requires a lot of self control, but if you can do it,
you will stand out from the other guys…and she’ll be in
your lap in no time.

I shouldn’t have to mention this, but for fair measure, I will.
Don’t do painful touching. A woman’s first concern is if
you’re a safe guy. Be aware of this, and show some


Page 89

Flirt Mastery •

© Distinctive Advantage Marketing


The 4 C’s for telling a story that’ll make her hang on
your every word. Pages 179-181

The secret behind building an “Instant
Connection” with every woman you meet. (Get
this right and she’ll feel like she’s known you forever)
Pages 261-264

3 silent signals from her eyes that show when she’s
interested in what you’re saying. Pages 94-95

7 behaviors a woman will show when she’s trying
to decide about “what type of man” you are. (Fail
to recognize these tests and you’ll automatically end up
in the ‘The Friends Zone’) Pages 200-201

Break ANY of these five rules for touching women
and you’ll be sleeping alone tonight. Pages 97-98

11 flirty games you can play that’ll get her laughing,
having fun and feeling very excited in your presence.
Pages 232- 239

The #1 skill I use to make women feel like I’m
practically reading their minds. Plus, 11 shocking
statements to say that’ll leave them wondering if you
have ESP. Pages 227-230

9 signals that show she’s absolutely, positively
ready for a sexual encounter. Pages 250-255

Try these 3 ADVANCED techniques that’ll have her
practically begging to go home with you. Pages 216-220

Well that’s it for this book! If you’re serious about
improving your conversation skills and developing the flirty,
sexually attractive side of your personality, then I
recommend you check out my Flirt Mastery system.


Page 90

Flirt Mastery •

© Distinctive Advantage Marketing

Still unsure, well take a look at what #1 selling author,
John Alexander has to say about my program:

If you want to attract women -- and I'm talking about attracting
them so well they're practically begging you to take them to bed
that same night -- then you MUST know how to engage them in
conversation that builds sexual tension.

Now, you CAN learn this stuff all by yourself the way Steve Scott
did and the way I did... by suffering through thousands upon
thousands of rejections. After many years of this maybe you'll start
to have some success.

(And if that's the route you choose, then good luck to you, because
it's gonna be a tough slog.)

Or you can eliminate the learning curve and take a woman home
with you as soon as tonight. I know what I'd do if I were starting
all over again, and that's why I give Flirt Mastery my highest

John Alexander

Author, How to Become an Alpha Male

Thanks again for checking out this book and I hope you
take the next step and discover the secrets to mastering
your skills at flirting and creating sexual tension!

See you soon…


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