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Screener questionnaire A brief questionnaire that asks a
series of questions designed to evaluate a contact’s eligibility to
participate in a specific focus group

Secondary information Research and data already available
for review, such as census information

Stand-alone video A video camera set in one position to
record a focus group discussion; typically wall-mounted in the
focus group facility

Target market A segment of the market or a group of poten-
tial customers to which a marketer directs an ad campaign, pro-
gram, promotion, or product

Telefocus group A focus group discussion conducted using a
conference call

Triad A qualitative discussion conducted with a group of
three people

Video focus group An in-person focus group discussion that
clients view via videoconferencing

Viewing room A small room outside the focus group room
where clients can observe the focus group in progress via a one-
way mirror and intercom

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The American Marketing Association is the world’s largest
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With over 45,000 members, the AMA has more than 500 chap-
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