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FDB GUIDE [Part 3]

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 Vinpocetine:

- A derivative of vincamine

- Used in cerebrovascular disorders and dementia

- Dosage: one tab tds after meals

- Trade names:

 Acapi-Cav, Angiovan, vinporal …etc 5mg tab

 Meclofenxate:

- Actions:

 It aid cellular metabolism in the presence of diminished oxygen concentration

- Medical uses:

 In elderly patients, it has been clinically shown to improve memory, have a

mentally stimulating effect, and improve general cognition.

 Used to treat the symptoms of senile dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

- Dosage:

 One tablet tds

- Trade names:

 Lucidril 250, 500mg tab – 1000mg amp

 LuciForte 500mg vials il

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