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Analysis of the current Information Systems architecture and describe how it may have

contributed to the organization's business strategy.

The Information System that helped Gardenia bakeries are the computerized system that

implemented for improve the overall production of the end product Gardenia bread. There are

plenty chance for the company to enhance its supply chain management system to provide E-

commerce service which simplify the process such as procurement, production, logistics,

warehousing as well as distribution channels.

These allow them to have better quality control to purchase best raw material with

reasonable price from various suppliers and able to approach them with contract easily. So that,

just-in-time (JIT) system applied and used to cut down and avoid the waste of resources like

keeping inventory by monitoring the daily total sales estimation, then produce the equivalent

amount of product to satisfy the market, then order according to the raw material needed to produce

the amount of product from supplier. In this way, the computerized system will be separated into

three part which are vendor-managed inventory (VMI), customer-managed inventory (CMI) as well

as production line monitoring system, based on total estimation of sale to decide the total product to

produce and total supply to be order.

For logistics system, Gardenia bakery using Roll-on/ roll-off shipping network system

which reduced the overall transportation fee across the sea for example Gardenia Bakeries in

Philippines which requires majority of shipping transaction as its country formed by 7 thousand of

islands. Therefore, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chip is available for them implement in

order to keep track for the overall production line from raw material send from supplier and the end

product that send from warehouse to customer by when the time begin and it reach to the

destination as well as where currently the supply is to have alternative plan for any emergency

accident happen in between the supply chain to minimize the loss of company from both reputation

and financial.

Moreover, the bakery processes are totally managed by a centralized computer system to

manipulate thousand of automated machines which works 24 hours every day to ensure freshness of

its product. The processes controlled by those machines are like automatic blender with ingredient

according recipe, sponge and dough mixer, fermentation room’s temperature and humidity adjuster,

proofer, automatic tunnel oven, bread cooler and slicer as well as bread packaging bagger. These

had replace the traditional job by human workers as it’s reduce the chance of having error and

improve the quantity and effectiveness in a long run.

Besides that, one of the other provided by Gardenia Bakery is its official website that given

overall detail of the company background, latest company announcement, public event and its

product available for customer. Rather than that, they also created official social media account

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