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The Alignment We’ve All Been Waiting For

Although the creation stories from ancient civilizations, such
as the Hopi, Hindu, and Mayan cultures, differ in specifics, they
generally agree when it comes to the cyclic nature of the uni-
verse. They state that at least three worlds have existed, and been
destroyed, before the one we’re living today. While different tradi-
tions use different signs to tell us where we are in our world-age
cycle, it seems that all the signs are essentially telling us the same
thing: the shift from our present age into the next is now.
What sets the calendar of the Maya apart from the oral tradi-
tions, such as the Hopi, is that their timeline for the shift ends on
a specific date. While their system of calendars accurately identi-
fies the alignment that marks the shift (a rare astronomical con-
figuration that modern computers have now confirmed), it’s what
the Maya knew about Earth’s journey through the heavens that
makes their story even more astounding.
Specifically, they knew that during a zone of time before and
after the 2012 winter solstice, Earth and our entire solar system
would move into a position that is extraordinary by any standards.
It’s during this time that we pass an imaginary line that defines the
two halves of our disk-shaped galaxy. In just the way the equa-
tor of the earth divides the Northern and Southern hemispheres,
the equator-like line that we cross in the Milky Way separates the
“top” of the galaxy’s disk from the “bottom.” As the planets of our
solar system line up with one another and our sun, our crossing of
the galaxy’s equator also aligns us with the mysterious source of
energy that lies at the heart of the Milky Way. This alignment and
the conditions that it creates signal the completion of the great
cycle, as indicated by the Mayan calendar.7
To be absolutely clear, this is not an event that happens sud-
denly in a single day. In other words, our crossing of the imagi-
nary line that divides our galaxy does not suggest that we’ll all
go to bed on December 20, 2012, in one world and wake up the
next morning to a radically different world on the 21st. Rather,
the winter solstice appears to be the astronomical marker that the

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Maya chose to designate the center of the transition zone. That
zone begins well before and ends well after 2012.
Because of the size and relative distances of heavenly bodies,
to us here on Earth this alignment appears as a slow, gradual shift
over a period of time. Our familiar experience of an eclipse is a
perfect illustration of how such a gradual shift occurs.
If you’ve ever watched a lunar eclipse, it probably didn’t take
long for you to discover that it wasn’t going to be over quickly.
Once it began, you could duck into the house, fix a cup of tea,
make a couple of phone calls, and feed the pets before going back
outdoors to observe the eclipse’s progress. Even though the earth
is hurtling through space at about 65,000 miles per hour, on the
night of a lunar eclipse, such an enormous speed isn’t obvious.
That’s the effect of huge objects like planets moving through space
at tremendous speeds across vast distances. To us, they look like
they’re in slow motion.
So in the case of the sun moving into an alignment with the
equator of the Milky Way, the winter solstice of 2012 marks a
point within the zone of a shift that actually began years ago. In
his landmark work identifying the 2012 crossover of the galaxy’s
equator and its significance, Maya Cosmogenesis 2012, John Major
Jenkins describes how such a transition is a process rather than
an event. Using calculations made by Belgian astronomer Jean
Meeus, Jenkins suggests that the progression of the sun across the
zone of the Milky Way’s equator covers a corresponding zone of
time that began in 1980 and ends in 2016.8 Even with a margin of
error of plus or minus a few years, this means that we’re already
well into the alignment that the Maya predicted more than 2,000
years ago.


What does such a rare moment in astronomical history mean
in our lives today? The truth is that no one knows for sure. We
can’t, because no one living today has a direct experience of the
last time something like this happened. What we do have, how-
ever, are good indicators of what we can expect. We have facts.

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