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- Designed By -
Lucas Smith

- Editors -
Brandon Gromis
Bryce Hedquist
Matt Kutchins
Timothy Nahm

- Cover Art By -
Matt Wilson

- Hosting By -
Anthony Bouvier

- Special Thanks -
To Richard Luke, Jason Lang,
Stephen Thomas, Stew Walker,

Jeremy Morton and
the crew in #PrivateerPress.

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Two days later Dermot was awoken
by agents of the Unseen Hand, who had been
dispatched by King Baird, who was under dip-
lomatic pressure from Cygnar to capture this
upstart. Baird, however had his own agenda.
Dermot was brought before King Baird and
informed that as far as Cygnar was concerned,
he was dead. Baird gave Dermot a choice ...
he could hang, or he could start working for
the Ordic crown. Dermot became a “patriot” in
quite a hurry.
Since then Dermot has honed his craft
as a warcaster in various mercenary compa-
nies, biding his time until he is called to fight
for his King and his country.
In combat, Dermot favours two double-
barreled sword cannon combination weapons.
Perhaps poking fun at one of his Protectorate
opponents, he has dubbed his blades slice and

As a child, Dermot Corcoran used to
“hijack” steamjacks for fun. Later he “’jacked
‘jacks” for various crime syndicates in Five
Fingers. Dermot’s ability was never strong
enough to highjack warjacks, but by draw-
ing deeply on his arcane powers, Dermot can
sometimes disrupt the connection between a
warcaster and his warjacks.
All enemy warjacks in Dermot’s Con-
trol Area are “disconnected” from their con-
trolling warcaster or jack marshal and become
autonomous warjacks. Autonomous warjacks
function normally, but cannot be marshaled or
allocated focus, though they may receive focus
from other sources. These warjacks can be re-
controlled by their warcaster or jack marshal as
outlined on pg. 17 of WARMACHINE: Escala-


It is well known in the Iron Kingdoms
that the Ordic city of Five Fingers is a disrepu-
table spot; a place where the seamy underbelly
of Ordic society is exposed for all to see. What
is less known is that among the rogues and cut-
throats of Five Fingers, are those who exhibit
arcane ability, including one who can control
warjacks with the best of the Iron Kingdom’s
Dermot Corcoran’s origins could best
be described as murky. It is probable that he
never knew his father; and if he knew his
mother, he never speaks of her. What is known,
is that he was one of the countless street
urchins who run in packs through the streets,
alleys, and sewers of Five Fingers. Dermot
knew he was different at an early age, when he
used to wrest control of steamjacks from their
handlers for the amusement of his pack mates.
One such escapade caught the notice of one of
the leading lights of the Five Fingers under-
world. Dermot was quickly whisked away and
taught to use his arcane ability for profit rather
than fun.
For the next few years Dermot learned
the rogue’s trade, as he used his talents as a “
‘Jack ‘Jacker” to line the pockets of his em-
ployers and keep himself in women and drink.
As his skill grew, so did his arrogance which
eventually led to his downfall ... and ultimately
his redemption.
Dermot went out that night full of
confidence, looking forward to a new chal-
lenge which he was sure he was up to. A small
Cygnaran Battlegroup was encamped near Five
Fingers, and Dermot’s bosses wanted one of
the warjacks. Dermot located the Battlegroup
easily enough and attempted to gain control
of a Lancer; unfortunately, Dermot had un-
derestimated the security protocols in military
‘jacks. While he managed to sever the arcane
connection between the ‘jack and its ‘caster, he
was unable to control the warjack. It located
and charged him. Only Dermot’s arcane escape
abilities saved his skin. He managed to slip
into the darkness and back to Five Fingers.


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Chain shot is used in naval combat to damage
the rigging of sailing ships, but enterprising
Ordic Fitters realised that it was perfect for en-
tangling the legs of opposing warjacks. Grape-
shot is the standard anti-personnel ammunition,
sending out a spray of lead shot guaranteed to
decimate enemy infantry.
The auto-loading mechanism is in-
tricate and while generally reliable, it can on
occasion jam, rendering the heavy gun useless.


Critical Jam – On a critical Attack Roll which
misses, the auto-loading heavy gun jams and is
unusable unless repaired by a Fitter.

Chain Shot (* Attack) – RNG 6; ROF 1; POW
14; When used against warjacks, one point of
damage, in addition to normal damage, is ap-
plied to the first available movement box, and
the warjack is knocked down.

Grape Shot (* Attack) – RNG SP; ROF 1;
POW 12.

Modeling Suggestion:
I will be using a Nomad Heavy Warjack
for this model. For its Right Arm I plan to use
a Bombard from a Khadoran Destroyer Heavy
Warjack modified to make the barrel longer.

Volley (* Attack) – If Dermot has not made a
ranged attack this activation, he may make a
Volley Special Attack. Dermot simultaneously
discharges both barrels of both guns for a dev-
astating attack. Make one roll for the attack. If
it succeeds, the target model suffers two POW
16 damage rolls. Dermot cannot spend focus to
make additional ranged attacks after a Volley


A Note On Ordic Warjacks
Ord is a poor kingdom where resources
are scarce, as a result the Ordic military has to
make do with the basic mercenary warjacks,
modified for Ordic use. All Ordic Heavy
Warjacks are designed on the basic Nomad
frame, and their Light Warjacks are based on
the Talon frame. Like Khador, the Ordic mili-
tary doesn’t use arcnodes. Ordic warcasters can
also use the Nomad Heavy Warjack, the Talon
Light Warjack and any other generic merce-
nary warjacks, in the same manner as Merce-
nary warcasters.


The Frigate is the standard Heavy
Warjack in the Ordic arsenal. Based on the
Nomad frame, it is primitive compared to the
Heavy warjacks of the other Iron Kingdoms.
However this warjack does have a modifica-
tion in the form of a naval pattern auto-loading
heavy gun which helps it to pull its weight and
then some on the battlefield.
The auto-loading heavy gun is a fairly
recent innovation in the Ordic armoury. The
gun is capable of firing three types of ammu-
nition common in naval combat: round shot,
chain shot, and grape shot. Round shot is the
most common and has the longest range, it is
used to punch large holes in its target.


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