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TitleHeadWay HMT-100 S100 VDR Service Manual
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Service Manual


Qingdao Headway Marine Technology Co., Ltd.

Tel: (+86) – 532 - 88702807/88702808 Fax: (+86) – 532 - 83107816
24 Hours Service Phone: (+86)13954217693 E-mail: [email protected]
Add: F4,5#Building Area A Huite Industrial City, 177#, Zhuzhou Road, Qingdao, China

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1 Hardware 

The basic design is the same for the HMT-S100 SVDR and HMT-100 VDR. The only difference is more interface

on the VDR Main Cabinet Unit.

The contents of this manual, if not specified, the contents of SVDR and VDR are common

This is the Main Cabinet Unit

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3 When the VDRDC appears on the Remote Alarm Panel;

Foot 1: DC0V;

Foot 2: DC24V;

Foot 3: DC24V;

This is the PSU PCB


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DC Power:

X10: Red X11: Black


X2: Black X1: Red


X8: Red X9: Black


X3: Blue X4: Red X5: Yellow X6: N/A X7: Black

PCB 2:

AC Power:

X12: Red X13: Black X14: Yellow

When “SHIPDC” appears here, it indicates that the 110/220V power has been cut off, and the SVDR system is

powered by the emergency power of the vessel. We can press “ACK FLASH” to stop flashing, press “Mute” to stop

buzzing and search for the causes. First, check if the power supply is still charged with electricity, and the

connection is good or not. If the connection is good, after plugging in the main power supply, the Remote Alarm

Panel will indicate AC power supply. In case of emergency, in order to save PDC data, it is necessary to press both

“ACK FLASH and TEST buttons at the same time until “backup 01” appears on the screen, and the data of latest

12 hours will be saved in the big Backup Disk forever. After successful backup, “BACKUP 01” will appear on the

screen. “SYSTEM OK” indicates that the system is working normally.

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Please input:

UserName: HMT

Password: HMTPDC

Please click Submit and you will see the following page

Please choose the “Format” in the “Format CF Card” and the following page will be shown:

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Please choose “Yes”, if “Format CF card OK Create folders OK” is shown, it means the format succeeds. Please

switch on the power after 10 minutes.

If “Format CF card OK , Fail to mount CF card” is shown, it means Format fails, If formatting is unsuccessful,

please do: there is one connection cable between MCU & PDC, pull out that cable plug which connects from MCU,

after 1 minute, insert the cable plug back then try to format the PDC again, till "Create Folders OK & Format CF

Card OK" displays;

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