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TitleHistory Taking and Physical Examination
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History Taking and Physical Examination

• Head and Neck

• Respiratory

• Cardiac

• Abdomen

• Male Genitalia

• Female Genitalia

• Musculoskeletal

• Neurological

• Complete Medical History


• The Eye
• The Ear
• Nose and Throat



• SUDDEN LOSS of VISION: Potential Causes
o AMAUROSIS FUGAX: Temporary, monocular, ischemic blindness.

� Painless
� Caused bu ipsilateral Carotid stenosis or embolization of the retinal artery.

o RETINAL DETACHMENT: Flashing lights, floating halos, and blurry vision before the blindness
is indicative of retinal detachment.

o UVEITIS: Inflammation of uveal tract -- iris, ciliary body, and choroid.
� Always painful
� Associated with multiple diseases: connective tissue diseases, histoplasmosis,

sarcoidosis, tuberculosis.
• GRADUAL LOSS of VISION: Potential Causes

o CATARACTS: Opacities of the lens, occurring with age.
o GLAUCOMA: Increased intraocular pressure.

� It is the most common reason for loss of vision over age 50.
o MACULAR DEGENERATION: Secondary to Diabetes, and expected to cause visual blindness.

� Diabetic Retinopathy.
o OPTIC NERVE COMPRESSION: Caused by an intracranial neoplasm, or pituitary adenoma.
o OPTIC NEUROPATHY (Optic Neuritis): Multiple Sclerosis, and drugs such as Ethambutol,

Methanol, can all cause optic neuritis and gradual blindness.
o PRESBYOPIA: Gradual loss of ability of Accommodation for near-vision, occurring with age.

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