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English Medium School

For the sake of financial support of the ministry
and to give education for the local area and
villages nearby in English medium, Pastor
founded the PME… Society, which was
registered on February 8, 1993.

The objectives of the Samithi have already been
shown in the Introduction. Beginning from the
month of August, the classes of Nursery, KG I,
and KG II were held in the House of Prayer
building in accordance to the resolutions I&II of
the committee meeting as indicated by the
records to have been held on the March 20,
1993. The resolutions I & II were passed and
are quoted below:

“I. Pine Mount Educational and CMS body has
decided to start one English Medium School as
per the Registration done and a number issued by
the Government of Madhya Pradesh, Regd.No.
438. And Name and Style is to be given to the
SCHOOL, S...….

“II. Present „House of Prayer‟ (which is Pine
Mount Educational and Christian Mission Samithi
building), Q M 62/1, is to be utilized for the
school till we get another accommodation….”


The House of Prayer was not completed until


Record of Committee Meetings, File No.1, Pine Mount
Educational and Christian Mission Samithi, S....

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