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How to Read an Income Statement Table of Contents
1. Introduction to Income Statement Analysis
2. Sample Income Statement
3. Revenue and Sales on the Income Statement
4. Cost of Goods Sold
5. Gross Profit
6. Calculating Gross Profit Margin
7. Analyzing the First Three Lines of the Income Statement
8. Operating Expenses
9. Research and Development Costs (R&D)
10. Selling, General, and Administrative Expense - SGA Expenses
11. Goodwill and Amortization Expense
12. Extraordinary Events
13. Accounting for Extraordinary and Non-Recurring Events
14. Calculating Operating Income and Operating Margin
15. Interest Income and Expense
16. Interest Coverage Ratio
17. Depreciation Expense
18. Accumulated Depreciation
19. Straight Line Depreciation
20. Sum of the Years Digits and Accelerated Depreciation Methods
21. Double Declining Balance Depreciation Method
22. Comparing Depreciation Methods
24. Income Taxes
25. Accounting for Minority Interest on the Income Statement
26. Unreported or Look-Through Earnings
27. Continuing Operations vs. Discontinued Operations
28. Accounting Changes
29. Preferred Dividends on the Income Statement
30. Net Income Applicable to Common Stock
31. Calculating Net Profit Margin
32. Basic EPS vs. Diluted EPS
33. Hiding Share Dilution
34. Share Repurchases
35. Return on Equity - ROE
36. Asset Turnover
37. Return on Assets - ROA
38. Projecting Earnings
39. Formulas and Calculations
40. Putting It All Together
41. Sample Real World Income Statement Analysis - Abercrombie & Fitch
42. Sample Income Statement Analysis - Brown Safety Company

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