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                            Orcs of Stonefang Pass
	Adventure Background
	Starting the Adventure
		Adventure Synopsis
		Roleplaying Rangrim Glintshield
		Skill Challenge: Rangrim's Reward
		Another Request for Aid
	Heading to the Pass
		Reaching Stonefang Pass
	Encounter 1: River Hunters
		Features of the Area
	Inside Stonefang Pass
		Terrain Features
		Points of Interest
		Travel Time
		Resting in Stonefang Pass
	Encounter 2: Stirges' Dessert
		Features of the Area
	Encounter 3: Earthquake!
		Features of the Area
	Giants' Gatehouse
		The Gate Mechanism
		The Lever Automaton
	Encounter 4: Storming the Gatehouse
		Features of the Area
	Encounter 5: Defending the Gatehouse
		A Dominated Automaton
		Features of the Area
	A Trail of Bodies
		P1. Entry Room
		P2. Guard Post
		P3. Stairs into the Depths
		P4. The Pit of Doom
		P5. Barricaded Chambers
	Encounter 6: Pit of Doom
		Features of the Area
	Encounter 7: Releasing the Chains
		Features of the Area
	Secrets of the Shadowed Chain
		Roleplaying Gwendar
		What Do the Characters Do?
	Encounter 8: The Citadel
		Features of the Area
	Encounter 9: Imprisoned Dwarves
		The Hydra's Boon
		Features of the Area
	Encounter 10: Atop the Tower
		Skull Spirits
		Features of the Area
	Encounter 11: Rise of Stonefang
		Fragments of Power
		Features of the Area
		Clan Glintshield and the Pass
		The Next Adventure
	Additional Encounters
		Undead Dwarves
		The Bear Tamer
		Spider Friends
		Trapped Chamber
		Cavern Scavengers
	Fragments of Stonefang
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Orcs ofStonefan8 Pass'" is a DUNGEONS & DRAGONS®
adventure for five characters of 5th revel. You need the
Player's Handbook"· , the Monster Manual''', and the Dun­
8eon Master's Guide"" to play. D&D® Dun8eon Tiles and
D&D® Miniatures can enhance your play experience.

This adventure is loosely tied to The Siayina Stone"' ,
which introduced the characters to the Severed Eyes
orc tribe. The two adventures shouldn't be played back­
to-back. Rather, characters that survive The Slayin8
Stone will need to gain a few levels before challenging
the orcs that appear in this adventure. You can either
create your own interim adventures or find adventures
of the appropriate level in Dun8eon® magazine online

The mighty Ironwall Mountains lie west of the Nentir
Vale. Anyone who follows the old trade road southwest
of the village ofWinterhaven eventually arrives at the
frontier village ofTimbervale, in the shadow of this
indomitable mountain range. The lronwalls are impass­
able save for one deadly route: Stonefang Pass. The
tunnel through Stonefang Mountain offered safe pas­
sage to all friends of the dwarven Glintshield clan, until


the dwarves mysteriously disappeared. Stories claim
that the clan fell to infighting and that the dwarves
slaughtered one another in a terribJe civil war.

After years ofisolation, the dwarves of the Glint­
shield clan have reappeared. The clan is trying to
return to its ancestral holdings and reopen the way
through the mountains. The dwarves had begun
rebuilding the citadel that guards the far entrance of
the pass when their blood enemies, the Severed Eyes
orcs, attacked them. Those dwarves who were not killed
or captured fled into the pass, a dead ly tunnel through
the mountain, and sealed it shut behind them. They
now seek brave souls to defeat the orcs, promising the
wealth of kings to any heroes willing to help them.

Yet this is only half the story. Unknown to all but
members of the Shadowed Chain, a secret cult among
the Glintshield clan, Stonefang Pass is not named for
the mountain it pierces, but rather for the terrible being
entombed beneath the mountain by ancient dwarves:
an earth titan. The civil war that nearly caused the
clan's ruin started over the theft of an item intended
to bind the titan. The cultists had hoped to return the
item to the binding site when the pass was made safe,
but fate intervened. Some of the cult members stayed
behind for this purpose when the rest of the clan fled
through the dark, but the orcs followed the cultists
and hindered their efforts. Now the titan stirs, causing
earthquakes to shake the mountain.

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First Printing: May 2010

ISBN 978-0-7869-5391-2

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Page 17

Encounter Level 8 (1,850 XP)

1 orc troll shaman (T)

1 ogre savage (0)

6 orc archers (A)

1 Stonefang Pass quake hazard

The ore shaman, who wears a blackened troll skull as
a mask, is investigating the altars and magic circles
near the Pit of Doom with his bored ogre lackey. Four
orc archers wander the tunnels, and two are at the

The encounter begins when the characters notice
the orcs or vice versa. If the orcs received warning of
the characters' approach, they are prepared and cannot
be surprised. Otherwise. the location of the combat
depends on the characters' actions as well as the orcs'
and ogre's passive Perception checks.

At the start of the third round ofcombat, roll initia­
tive for the earthquake hazard and begin its attacks on
its turn.

Orc Troll Shaman (T) Level 6 Controller (Leader)
Medium natural humanoid XP 250
HP 72; Bloodied 36 Initiative +4
AC 20, Fortitude 18, Reflex 18. Will 19 Perception +7
SDeed 6 Low-light vision

Troll Spirit Frenzy + Aura 10
Any ally within the aura that bloodies an enemy can make a basic
attack as a free action.

Receneratlon 5 (healing)
The ore troll shaman regains 5 hit points whenever it starts its turn
and has at least 1 hit point. If the ore troll shaman takes acid or fire
damage, its reBeneration does not function on its next turn.

Safewlng Amulet
When the orc troll shaman falls, reduce the distance by 10 feet for
the purpose of calculating damage. The orc troll shaman always
lands on its feet after a fall .

Troll Healing (healing)
If the orc troll shaman is dropped to 0 hit points by an attack
that does not deal acid or fire damage. it falls prone and remains
at 0 hit points until the start of its next turn, when it regains 5
hit points. If an attack deals acid or fire damage to the orc troll
shaman while it is at 0 hit points, it is dead.


(f) Longspear (weapon) + At-Will
Attack: Melee 2 (one creature); +11 vs. AC
Hit: 2dl0 + 3 damage, and the orc slides the target 1 square.

i," Phantom Troll Claws + At-Will
Attack: Area burst 2 within 10 (enemies in burst); +8 vs. Will
Hit: 2d6 damage. and the target is dazed until the end of the orc's

next turn.
Effect: Each ally in the burst gains a +2 bonus to attack rolls until
the start of the orc's next turn.


Savage Demise + Encounter
TriBBer: The orc drops to 0 hit points.
Effect (No Action): The orc takes a standard action.

Str 15 (+5) Dex 13 (+4) Wls 19 (+7)
Con 16 (+6) Int 16 (+6) Cha 12 (+4)
Alignment chaotic evil Languages Common, Giant
Equipment hide armor, longspear. +1 safewinB amulet

Ogre Savage (0) Level 8 Brute
Large natural humanoid XP 350
HP 111; Bloodied 55 Initiative +4
AC 20, Fortitude 21. Reflex 16, Will 16 Perception +4
Speed 8


<D Greatclub (weapon) + At-Will

Attack: Melee 2 (one creature); +13 vs. AC

Hit: 2dl0 + 5 damage.

+Angry Smash + Recharge !ill
Effect: The ogre uses Breatclub. but gets two attack rolls and uses
the higher result.

Str 21 (+9) Dex 11 (+4) Wls 11 (+4)

Con 21 (+9) Int 4 (+1) Cha 6 (+2)

Alignment chaotic evil Languages Giant

Equipment hide armor. greatdub

6 Orc Archers (A) Level 4 Artillery
Medium natural humanoid XP 175 each
HP 42; Bloodied 21 Initiative +6
AC 16. Fortitude 16. Reflex 18. Will 14 Perception +2
Speed 6 Low-light vision


r<D Handaxe (weapon) + At-Will
Attack: Melee 1 (one creature); +9 vs. AC
Hit: 1 d6 + 4 damage.

® Longbow (weapon) + At-Will

Attack: Ranged 20/40 (one creature); +11 vs. AC

Hit: ld10 + 6 damage. and the orc pushes the target 1 square.
"*' Clustered Volley (weapon) + At-Will

Attack: Area burst 1 within 20 (creatures in burst); +11 vs. AC

Hit: 1d1 0 + 6 damage.


r Savage Demise + Encounter
TriBBer:The orc drops to 0 hit points.
Effect (No Action): The orc takes a standard action.

Str 15 (+4) Dex 18 (+6) Wls 10 (+2)

Con 12 (+3) Int 8 (+1) Cha 9 (+1)
Alignment chaotic evil Languages Common, Giant
Equipment handaxe, longbow. quiver of 30 arrows

Stonefang Pass Quake Level 5 Lurker

Hollar" XP JOO

The earth around you shakes mId rumbles. There's 1I0where to rull.

Hazard: The ground shakes, and any creatures in area are knocked

The hazard cannot be detected with Perception.

Initiative + 2


Page 18

The quake occurs whenever the titan Stonefang attempts to
escape. In this encounter, it occurs only once as the characters are
finishing encounter 2.

Standard Action Area the entire tunnel

Target: Each creature in the area
Attack: +6 vs. Reflex
Hit: 1 d6 + 4 damage, the target falls prone, and the quake slides the

target 2 squares in a random direction.
Special: Roll a d20 at the end of the quake's turn. On a 10 or higher,

the quake continues for another round. Otherwise, it stops. After
the quake stops and until the end of the encounter, roll a d6 each
round on the quake's initiative. On a roll of a 5 or 6, there is an
aftershock and the quake makes an attack.

.. A character can use a move action and make a DC 17

Dungeoneering check or Nature check to brace against the quake,
gaining a +4 bonus to Reflex against the quake's attacks .

.. The quake does not attack flying creatures.

.. Prone creatures take no damage from a hit by the quake, and it

slides the creature only 1 square.

The orc archers take advantage of the magic circles'
effects and the shaman's aura while fighting. Once the
force field over the pit is dispelJed (see "Features of the
Area," below), the archers try to push the characters
into the pit with their lonabow attacks.

The orc troll shaman tries to keep allies within his
trollspiritfrenzy aura while using phantom troll claws on
the characters.

The ogre takes cover near the pit until the charac­
ters enter the cavern or until the shaman orders him
to attack .

Once the characters have defeated the enemies in this
area, they can move on to area P5, triggering Encounter
7: Releasing the Chains (page 18). Most likely, the orcs
in the next encounter heard this combat. They wait for
the intruders for a short time (enough for a short rest)
before investigating the sounds of the battle.

Illumination: Bright light from the braziers and

campfires (10 squares), and from torches carried by
orcs in the webbed chamber (5 squares). AlJ other areas
are dark.

Altars: One of the altars is dedicated to Moradin, the
other to Torog. A character can discern these facts with
a DC 12 Religion check. Each altar is 3 feet high, made
ofsolid stone, and proVides cover.

Binding Circles: These dimly glowing circles bind
Stone fang as long as his stolen body fragments are
within them. Each circle also grants a benefit to anyone
standing within it. A circle's benefit can be ascertained
with a DC 17 Arcana check.

Oranae: The creature gains a +2 bonus to attack rolls.

Purple: The creature gains a +2 bonus to Fortitude,
Reflex, and Will.

Red: The creature gains regeneration equal to its level.
Green:The creature gains a +2 bonus to AC.
Cavern Walls: A character can climb the walls with

a DC 15 Athletics check.
Fires: Whenever a creature starts its turn in or moves

into a brazier or campfire square, it takes 5 fire damage.
Pit of Doom: The mouth of the pit is covered with

an invisible field of force that easily bears the weight of L.:J

I­any number of creatures. The surface is springy (like a Z
trampoline) but stable. :J

After the earthquake, the invisible barrier over the o
Upit ends without warning. The pit is 40 feet deep, and

a character can climb its walls with a DC 15 Athletics u.J
check. The pit is empty.

The orcs carry a total of 150 gpo An iron coffer of
dwarven make that the orcs haven't been able to open
is stashed at one of the campsites (Thievery DC 17 or
Strength DC 22 to open). It contains 250 gp and 15 pp.

In addition, the orc troll shaman wears a +1 safewin8
amulet (Player's Handbook, page 251). Alternatively, you
could replace it with another level 3 item from the
players' wish lists or its eqUivalent value in gold coins
(680 gp).

Page 33

In the ancient past, dwarves and giants fought for con­
trol of the Ironwall Mountains. Stonefang was the most
powerful member of the giant forces. Over the course
of many battles, dwarf heroes sundered four fragments
from the titan's body. Though the dwarf champions
failed to kill their foe, the dwarves collected the frag­
ments, which held a measure of Stone fang's power.

A group ofdwarf scholars discovered a ritual to bind
Stonefang through the use of his fragments and impris­
oned him in a deep pit within his mountain stronghold.
Once the titan was subdued, the dwarves built a citadel
upon the mountain and took control of the pass the
giants had carved through it, securing a potential trade
hub and secretly guarding over the imprisoned titan.

Stonefang's fragments rested in their binding circles,
bound by the blessings of both Moradin and Torog.
When a member of the Glintshield clan found the
hidden shrine and stole Stonefang's stout rib, the binding
weakened. Discovery of this act led to civil war within
the clan. Eventually, the Shadowed Chain cult retrieved
the fragment and intended to return it to the binding
circle, but the Severed Eyes orc invasion ruined their
plans. Even worse, the orcs took the other fragments,
giving Stonefang the opportunity to escape.

-,; ... 11 1

.Five rocks shaped like finaer bones float around a laraer hunk of rock.
The combined pieces look like a larae halld.

Wondrous Item
Property: When you make a Strength check, you can use a bonus of

+20 instead of your normal bonus. (This applies only to Strength
checks, not Athletics checks or attacks based on Strength.)

Power (Daily + Charm): Standard Action. Make an attack: Ranged
10; +17 vs. Will; on a hit, the target is dominated until the end of
your next turn.

This lona, curvina stone resembles a chunk ofan enormous rib.

Wondrous Item
Power(Daily + Zone): Standard Action. You create a zone of

safety in a close burst 1 that lasts until the end of your next turn.
Enemies can't enter the zone or make attacks against creatures
in the lone.

Fiery red smoke seeps like blood from holes ill this hollow Beode.

Wondrous Item
Power (Daily + Healing): Minor Action. You spend a healing surge.

In addition to the hit points you normally regain, you and each
ally adjacent to you regain 2d6 hit points.

This spherical8emstone burns with fiery oranBe li8h!.

Wondrous Item
Power (Daily + Fire): Minor Action. Until the end of your turn, you

gain a +2 bonus to attack rolls and your attacks deal 1 d6 extra
fire damage.

©2010 Wizards of the Coast nc

This page may be photocopied for home game use only.

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AJI trade through the lronwall Mountains stopped when
Stone fang Pass fell to the orcs. The ancient passage has

become a haven for monsters, and something mighty
stirs in the bedrock deep below. Now the dwarves of

the Glintshield clan want to reopen the pass, but they
cannot do it alone....

Orcs of Stonefan8 Pass T.\1 is a DUNGEONS & DRAGONs®

adventure designed for 5th-level characters. It fits easily
into any Dungeon Master's campaign and features an
easy-to-run encounter format and a full-color, double­

sided battle map. It can be played as a stand-alone
adventure or as a follow-up to The Slayina StoneT".



ISBN : 978·0·7869 -5391-2

Sug. Retail : US $14.95 CAN $17.95
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