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TitleHydroponics para cultivadores (2015)
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Section I: History and Background of Hydroponics
Chapter 1: How Hydroponics Started: Its Present and Future Applications
Chapter 2: The Popularity and Benefits of Hydroponic Gardening
Chapter 3: Why You Should Garden Hydroponically
Section II: Understanding Hydroponics and How Plants Grow
Chapter 4: Why Hydroponics Is Not Just Chemistry
Chapter 5: Plant Growth: The Environment and Its Effects on Plants
Chapter 6: Water Needs, Management, and Irrigation Practices
Section III: Nutrients Essential to Plants and Their Sources
Chapter 7: Essential Nutrients to Plants and Their Functions
Chapter 8: Sources of Nutrients for Plants in Soil versus Hydroponics
Chapter 9: Nutrient Formulations and Solutions
Chapter 10: Signs of Plant Nutritional and Physiological Disorders and Their Remedies
Section IV: Hydroponic Systems
Chapter 11: Substrates to Use and Their Sources for Hydroponics
Chapter 12: Small Indoor Hydroponic Units: Types and Construction
Chapter 13: Large Indoor Hydroponic Units: Designs and Construction
Chapter 14: How to Start Your Plants
Chapter 15: Choosing Hydroponic Systems for Specific Crops
Chapter 16: Environmental Control Components for Hydroponic Systems
Section V: Year-Round Growing in Greenhouses
Chapter 17: The Greenhouse Environment for Plants
Chapter 18: Benefits of a Greenhouse to the Homeowner
Chapter 19: Design, Layout, and Construction of Backyard Greenhouses
Chapter 20: Hydroponic Systems for Backyard Greenhouses
Chapter 21: Sources of Supplies and Components for Backyard Greenhouses
Section VI: Vegetable Crops and Their Cultural Techniques
Chapter 22: Most Suitable Crops and Varieties
Chapter 23: Seeding, Transplanting of Vegetable Crops
Chapter 24: Training of Vegetable Crops
Chapter 25: Pest and Disease Control
Section VII: Sprouts and Microgreens
Chapter 26: Sprouts versus Microgreens
Chapter 27: Growing Techniques for Microgreens
Chapter 28: Final Advice on How to Get Started
Appendix: Sources of Supplies and Information
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