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San Fernando City, La Union


- versus - Civil Case No. 9114


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I, MICHELLE E. NABUA, of legal age, married, Filipino
citizen and with residence at Pedro Elena Estate, Purok 5,
Pagudpud, City of San Fernando, La Union, a witness in this case,
state under oath as follows:

1. That I executed this Judicial Affidavit to serve as my direct
testimony in this case;

2. That this Judicial Affidavit is offered to prove:
a. To prove that she conducted a psychological evaluation

on the person of the Petitioner and Respondent;
b. To prove that either of the parties or both parties are

suffering from psychological incapacity to perform
essential marital obligations;

c. To prove that such psychological incapacity of the
parties is permanent, serious, incurable and existing
prior to marriage; and

d. To testify on other relevant matters and identify other
relevant documents.

3. That the QUESTIONS were propounded by petitioner’s
counsel, Atty. GILBERT R. HUFANA, in the English

Civil Case No. 9114
Judicial Affidavit of Michelle E. Nabua

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4. That the examination was held at the office of Atty.
GILBERT R. HUFANA at Block 1 Lot 16 Manna Residences,
Pagdaraoan, San Fernando City, La Union.

5. That the ANSWERS were given by me, also in the English

6. That I answered the questions asked of me intelligently and
truthfully with full consciousness under oath; and

7. I fully understand that I may face criminal liability for false
testimony and perjury.

The following were questions propounded on me by my
counsel, Atty. GILBERT R. HUFANA, with my corresponding

Q1: Please state your name, age, address, occupation and other
personal circumstances.

A1: I am MICHELLE E. NABUA, 38 years old, psychologist,
Filipino citizen, married and a resident of Pedro Elena Estate,
Purok 5, Pagudpud, City of San Fernando, La Union.

Q2: Madam Witness, do you know the Petitioner ONOFRE G.
MANUEL, JR. in this case?

A2: Yes sir, I met him when I conducted a psychological
evaluation upon his person last April 29, 2014.

Q3: Do you have proof that you indeed conducted a
psychological evaluation upon his person?

A3: Yes sir, the findings were reduced into writing in the
form of a Psychological Analysis Report.

Q4: If that Psychological Evaluation Report will be shown to you,
will you be able to identify it?

A4: Yes sir.

Q5: I am showing to you a Psychological Evaluation Report
consisting of fifteen pages including the cover page will you
go over the same and tell me if this is the Psychological
Evaluation Report that you have prepared for the Petitioner.

A5: Yes sir, this is the Psychological Evaluation Report
that I have prepared for Onofre G. Manuel, Jr.

Q6: How do you know ma’am?
A6: I signed the report sir.

Civil Case No. 9114
Judicial Affidavit of Michelle E. Nabua

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Q7: On page fourteen (14) of said report is a signature above the
printed text “Michelle E. Nabua”. Do you know whose
signatures is this?

A7: That is my signature, sir.

Q8: You said that you conducted a psychological analysis upon
the person of Onofre G. Manuel, Jr., for what purpose was it?

A8: It was in relation to the case that he filed for the
declaration of his marriage with his wife, Joanne M.
Manuel, to be null and void ab initio.

Q9: How did you conduct the psychological analysis?
A9: I interviewed the Petitioner to gather information

about his family background and marital history. After
that, I administered psychological tests.

Q10: What were the psychological tests given to Petitioner?
A10:The tests given were Intelligence Test, Emotional

Intelligence Test, Sack’s Sentence Completion Test,
Hand Test and Draw a Person Test.

Q11: What were your findings?
A11: The results of the tests given to the Petitioner

indicate that he is suffering from Passive-
Aggressive Personality Disorder.

Q12: What kind of disorder is this, Madam Witness?
A12: It is a disorder exhibited by the Petitioner’s

feeling of weakness which prohibits him from
adjusting to the challenges of everyday living, having
a poor coping style and willingness to set aside his
wishes and feelings.

Q13: What made you conclude that Petitioner is suffering
from this kind of personality disorder?

A13: Out of the twelve symptoms of this kind of
personality disorder, Petitioner exhibited three,
namely: having the feeling of insecurity, withdrawing
into long silences to avoid either confronting or
connecting with others, and fear of competition.

Q14: In particular, what are the acts of the Petitioner which
exhibits these three symptoms?

A14: The first symptom, sir, is exhibited by Petitioner’s
willingness to submit himself to his wife’s attitude
and his lack of confidence to deal with her infidelity
and irresponsible attitude.

Civil Case No. 9114
Judicial Affidavit of Michelle E. Nabua

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Q15: How about the second symptom – withdrawing into long
silences to avoid either confronting or connecting with

A15:Petitioner never had the courage to argue with his
wife. He prefers to come into silence and just do his
responsibility as the head of the family.

Q16: And the third symptom?
A16:Petitioner has a fear of competition as he prefers to

live with simplicity, practically with how his parents
taught him. He never had the chance to develop
himself to compete with others.

Q17: When was this personality disorder developed?
A17: Based on the information gathered and the tests

conducted, it developed during his early childhood,

Q18: Aside from the Petitioner, Madam Witness, were you
able to interview other persons in the preparation of your

A18: Yes sir, I also interviewed his mother, VALENTINA
MANUEL, who knows him and his wife and who had
the chance to observe their behaviors prior and after
the celebration of their marriage.

Q19: And what were your findings, based on your interview
of his brother?

A19:The result of my interview with his mother only
strengthened the basis of my findings on Petitioner’s
personality disorder, sir.

Q20: Were you also able to interview Petitioner’s wife?
A20:No sir because according to Petitioner, she no longer

had any communication with his wife after their
separation, hence, he does not know of any way to
contact her. But based on the data gathered from
Petitioner and his mother, I was also able to make an
evaluation of the Respondent’s personality.

Q21: And what was the result of this evaluation?
A21:Respondent is suffering from Anti-Social Personality

Disorder sir, as exhibited by her attitude towards
handling her relationship with Petitioner, being
socially venturesome and extravagant as to her way
of living and has an attitude which tend to

Civil Case No. 9114
Judicial Affidavit of Michelle E. Nabua

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antagonize, manipulate or treat others either harshly
or with callous indifference.

Q22: What is the meaning of this ma’am?
A22:These characteristics typically make people with anti-

social personality disorder unable to fulfill
responsibilities related to family, work or school.

Q23: Can these personality disorders of the parties be cured?
A23:No sir. It is permanent and can no longer be cured

considering that it was developed during their early
childhood which are their formative stages. They are
deeply rooted in their personality structures and had
been developed long before the solemnization of their
marriage although only explicitly manifested along
their married life.

Q23: But what if they submit themselves into counseling,
medical treatment or intervention?

A23: No amount of counseling nor family-
psychotherapy can modify their personality disorder,
Ma’am, because it is permanent and curable since it
is profoundly embedded in their personality during
their developmental years so much that they shall
never be able to assume marital obligations.

Q24: Is it serious?
A24: Yes sir, because it affects the way they perform their

marital obligations. As I have said earlier, people
afflicted with these disorders are unable to fulfill
responsibilities related to family, work or school.

Q25: Based on your findings, Madam Witness, what do you
A25:I recommend to this Honorable Court that the Petition for the

Declaration of Nullity of Marriage between ONOFRE G.
MANUEL, JR. and JOANNE M. MANUEL be granted due to
psychological incapacity of both parties.

Affiant further sayeth naught.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this
______________ at San Fernando City, La Union.


Civil Case No. 9114
Judicial Affidavit of Michelle E. Nabua

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