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5 Ways To Play Like Billy Preston

I was approximately 14 years old when I started to
discover gospel and blues licks, listening to Mark
Naftalin from the Paul Butterfield Blues Band and early
John Mayall records. At that time (the mid 1960s), there
were plenty of great blues and gospel devices to be found
on records recorded in Philadelphia by the likes of
Cameo-Parkway, Gamble and Huff, and others, not to
mention in the Motown songs that were saturating the
airwaves at the time. Nobody could rock those kind of
licks better than Billy Preston; a keyboard prodigy who
played with Mahalia Jackson, James Cleveland, and
André Crouch at the age of ten. Preston later achieved
worldwide acclaim playing with the Beatles, but he
really hit his stride with his own solo records. Let’s look
at five ways to add his signature sound to your own
musical efforts.

1. Syncopation, Grace-Notes, and Inversions

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