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TitleKabab-ji Grill Case study
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In line with its operations strategy, Kabab-ji aligns decor, design,

layout, food, menu, policies, and service to target consistency.

Employees undergo intensive training to the "Kabab-ji Way".

Its quality of ingredients, market niche, and customer service allow

Kabab-ji to adopt a price premium relative to comparable restaurants.

The company's marketing motto is "Kabab-ji goes the extra mile to

bring you fresh quality food that tastes great every time". Note how the

company's marketing aligns with its strategy of retaining its customer

base and providing consistency.

Kabab-ji implements a HACCP management system (Hazard Analysis

and Critical Control Points). Food safety is sought using a combination

of testing and prevention in the supply chain and during the pre-

production and final preparation of the food.


1. How do customers judge the quality of a restaurant?

2. Indicate how and why each of these factors is important to the

successful operation of a restaurant:

a. Customer satisfaction.

b. Forecasting.

c. Capacity planning.

d. Location.

e. Inventory management.

f. Layout.

g. Scheduling.

3. What are some of the ways Kabab-ji links strategy and operations to

gain an edge over its competition?

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