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Solved Paper ( 2013-1996 )

RK Kanodia
Ashish Murolia

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GATE Electronics & Communication
Solved Paper (2013 - 1996 )
RK Kanodia & Ashish Murolia

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Page 248 Digital Circuits Chapter 5


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MCQ 5.150 The gate delay of an NMOS inverter is dominated by charge time rather than
discharge time because
(A) the driver transistor has larger threshold voltage than the load transistor

(B) the driver transistor has larger leakage currents compared to the load

(C) the load transistor has a smaller /W L ratio compared to the driver

(D) none of the above

MCQ 5.151 The boolean function A BC+ is a reduced form of
(A) AB BC+ (B) ( ) ( )A B A C:+ +
(C) AB ABC+ (D) ( )A C B:+


MCQ 5.152 Schottky clamping is resorted in TTl gates
(A) to reduce propagation delay (B) to increase noise margins

(C) to increase packing density (D) to increase fan-out

MCQ 5.153 A pulse train can be delayed by a finite number of clock periods using
(A) a serial-in serial-out shift register

(B) a serial-in parallel-out shift register

(C) a parallel-in serial-out shift register

(D) a parallel-in parallel-out shift register

MCQ 5.154 A 12-bit ADC is operating with a sec1 m clock period and the total conversion
time is seen to be sec14 m . The ADC must be of the
(A) flash type (B) counting type

(C) intergrating type (D) successive approximation type

MCQ 5.155 The total number of memory accesses involved (inclusive of the op-code fetch)
when an 8085 processor executes the instruction LDA 2003 is
(A) 1 (B) 2

(C) 3 (D) 4


MCQ 5.156 A dynamic RAM cell which hold 5 V has to be refreshed every 20 m sec, so that
the stored voltage does not fall by more than 0.5 V. If the cell has a constant
discharge current of 1 pA, the storage capacitance of the cell is
(A) 4 10 F6#

- (B) 4 10 F9#

(C) 4 10 F12#
- (D) 4 10 F15#


MCQ 5.157 A 10-bit ADC with a full scale output voltage of 10.24 V is designed to have
a /LSB 2! accuracy. If the ADC is calibrated at 25 Cc and the operating
temperature ranges from C0c to 25 Cc , then the maximum net temperature
coefficient of the ADC should not exceed
(A) 200 /V C! cm (B) 400 /V C! cm

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Chapter 5 Digital Circuits Page 249


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(C) 600 /V C! cm (D) 800 /V C! cm

MCQ 5.158 A memory system of size 26 K bytes is required to be designed using memory
chips which have 12 address lines and 4 data lines each. The number of such chips
required to design the memory system is
(A) 2 (B) 4

(C) 8 (D) 13

MCQ 5.159 The following sequence of instructions are executed by an 8085 microprocessor:
1000 LXI SP, 27 FF
1003 CALL 1006
1006 POP H
The contents of the stack pointer (SP) and the HL, register pair on completion
of execution of these instruction are
(A) SP = 27 FF, HL = 1003 (B) SP = 27 FD, HL = 1003

(C) SP = 27 FF, HL = 1006 (D) SP = 27 FD, HL = 1006


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Chapter 9 Communication Systems Page 501


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SOL 9.158 Option (A) is correct.
Probability Density function (PDF) of a random variable x defined as

( )P xx e
1 /x 22

= -

so here K


SOL 9.159 Option (C) is correct.
Here the highest frequency component in the spectrum is 1.5 kHz
[at 2 kHz is not included in the spectrum]

Minimum sampling freq. .1 5 2#= 3 kHz=

SOL 9.160 Option (B) is correct.
We need a high pass filter for receiving the pulses.

SOL 9.161 Option (D) is correct.
Power spectral density function of a signal ( )g t is fourier transform of its auto
correlation function

( )Rg t ( )Sg

( )here Sg w ( )sinc f

so ( )R tg is a triangular pulse.

[ .]triangf ( )sinc f2=

SOL 9.162 Option (C) is correct.
For a signal ( )g t , its matched filter response given as

( )h t ( )g T t= -
so here ( )g t is a rectangular pulse of duration T .

output of matched filter

( )y t ( ) ( )g t h t)=

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Page 502 Communication Systems Chapter 9


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if we shift ( )g t- for convolution ( )y t increases first linearly then decreases to

SOL 9.163 Option (C) is correct.
The difference between incoming signal frequency ( )fc and its image frequency ( )fc
is I2 f (which is large enough). The RF filter may provide poor selectivity against
adjacent channels separated by a small frequency differences but it can provide
reasonable selectivity against a station separated by I2 f . So it provides adequate
suppression of image channel.

SOL 9.164 Option (C) is correct.
In PCM SNR is given by

3 2 n2=

if no. of bits is increased from n to ( )n 1+ SNR will increase by a factor of

2 ( )/n n2 1+

SOL 9.165 Option (D) is correct.
The auto correlation of energy signal is an even function.
auto correlation function is gives as

( )R t ( ) ( )x t x t dtt= +




put ( )R t- ( ) ( )x t x t dtt= -



Let t t- a=
dt da=

( )R t- ( ) ( )x x da t a a= +




Changing variable t"a

( )R t- ( ) ( ) ( )x t x t dt Rt t= + =




( )R t- ( )R t= even function


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